Monthly Archives: January 2015

Monday Message: continuing to grow (hopefully not sideways)

I had been looking around for an aromatherapy certification class for quite a while.  My stumbling block to biting the bullet–I couldn’t find one that was hands on, in-person, rather than over the internet.  I am a big believer in internet education–otherwise I wouldn’t be offering my new creativity class online.  But there’s something to […]

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Let’s Get Cracking: course for creatives (this means you–) is coming online!

Wouldn’t you like to access your fullest creative potential? Find out what’s blocking you from fulfilling your creative destiny? Reclaim parts of your self lost in the unconscious that contain the keys to your imaginal self? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I am about to launch my first ONLINE training workshop of […]

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The Path to Healing

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all on the path to healing.  We all incarnate with psychic and spiritual wounds, past life issues, karmic detritus, birth and gestational issues–and then the fun begins. If you are consciously on the road to wellness, yay for you!  But you don’t need to be to appreciate […]

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