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Monday Message: Sacred Space for Writers and Other Creative Humans

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Here’s another entry culled from my Reiki4Writers Blog.  After I gave my Writer’s Party last Friday, lots of folks wanted to know more about carving out a writing space for themselves.  Here’s the answer I gave. . .       Thanks to Phylameana’s post on, I started thinking about Sacred Space and how […]

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Monday Message: Taking it back to the energy basics

The more I find myself returning to my writing roots, the more I realize that many creative people out there have no idea what parts of their energy bodies lend themselves toward creativity or (in rare cases) that they have an energy body at all. This distresses me greatly, since learning how your natural energy […]

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5 Ways to Stay Sane When the World Seems to be Going Crazy

Lately, every time I see a newspaper or turn on the TV, there seems to be some form of chaos or madness going on.  Between civilian shooting and police massacres and the general contentiousness of the presidential election, it feels like crazy season is upon us in a big way.   If you are sensitive […]

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