2017 is my year–Is it yours, too?

Dear Beautiful Dreamers, Creatrixes and Goddesses,

I have an announcement to make . . .

2017 IS MY YEAR!!!!

I am going to say it again . . .

2017 IS MY YEAR!!!

We all know what I thought of 2016.  I started out like many of you looking for something great and then all hell broke loose.  My word for 2016 was JOY and I have to admit, I had a lot to be joyful about for most of the year.  I think many of you found your word of the year working for you too and then, oh well.

2016 was a year of endings, getting rid of things, letting go, and this can be hard AF.  It was for me.

In fact, toward the end of 2016, I felt my word for the 2017 should be STRUCTURE.  There were some ways in which I thought I needed to add more of a masculine vibration to my work and my business, and structure seemed to be a core part of that.

Then 2017 hit and the energy of it knocked me back a bit.  I had a headache that lasted two days and I couldn’t seem to get off my couch.  I had so many plans for the first days of 2017 that were going by the wayside.  What happened to my STRUCTURE???

Well, what happened was that the Goddess got a hold of me and shook the hell out of me.  She reminded me of why I started on my particular healing path.  For me, it’s always been about the girls.  Every time I find myself in a leadership or even a helping position, my work is about getting women together to explore our selves, our sisterhood and how we can be of service to others.  My first blog was titled ON A MISSION FROM GODDESS, and was very successful in helping women find their purpose and place in the world.  My happiness was being one with my sisters.

At some point, something changed.  My work became my business, not my joy, not my source of guidance and inspiration.  I know that my parents’ deaths knocked holy heck out of me, but that doesn’t quite explain the whole of my situation.  All of the things that used to make me happy became anxiety producing, and all the advice on how to improve my situation (particularly my business) only made me feel frenetic not focused. I have always been a more go-with-the-flow gal, so all those guidelines made me feel stuck in place, not systematized.

In the early hours of the New Year, I asked for guidance as to what I really needed to bring into my life.

They say be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.  The Goddess showed me that in all my activity, I had forgotten about one person—MYSELF!  Me, Dee.  The most important person in my Universe.  Me—a sacred and luminous expression of the Goddess.  I had forgotten what brought me JOY and therefore I couldn’t FEEL that joy in my life.  

Has this ever happened to you?   Have you ever forgotten who you were, if only for a little while?  Have you ever forgotten your mission or felt like you never knew what yours was?  If you’ve reached the age of even 25, I bet that you have.  We all get there sometimes.

If you’re like me, you’ll discover that what’s really needed in our lives is the new word I’ve adopted for 2017– SELF-CARE!

It’s time to take ourselves in hand, focus on our own energy and mission.  It’s time to love and honor ourselves as embodiments of the Goddess.  It’s time to focus on ourselves in a way that isn’t selfish, but self-sustaining.  You can’t give water from an empty well.  It’s time to embrace ourselves and love ourselves on a deeper level that we have allowed before, in a way that proclaims our inner Goddess nature. Or as the Goddess said to me–DON’T LOOK AT ANYONE ELSE, BEFORE YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF.

What is that inner Goddess nature all about? 

  • Goddesses embrace challenges and opportunities, even those they fear
  • Goddesses protect and care for those they love
  • Goddesses represent the richest form of creative energy in the Universe
  • Goddesses appreciate and honor themselves
  • Goddesses come in many incarnations and can change or develop as needs be
  • Goddesses take pleasure in their bodies and their lovers’ bodies
  • Goddesses nurture, fight, give birth, wreak havoc, or perform any other activity the situation warrants
  • Goddesses contain the dreamworld within their wombs
  • Goddesses witness other Goddesses without fear or jealousy

And much more . . .

By the end of 2016, I knew I wanted to hold an event for women, but I had no idea what form it needed to take or even what to call it.  I am pleased to announce I will be holding my first EMBODY THE GODDESS event to help us Connect to the Inner Goddess in each of us. I am aiming for a March 11 event date, so mark your calendars and look for more details as the month progresses.

If 2017 is your year, too, comment below on the following:

Your word for 2017

Your theme song for 2017

Your mission for 2017

Your money goal for 2017

Your service goal for 2017

I have to admit I am still looking for my theme song for the year, as I usually make that my phone ring tone.  So far I haven’t found the ring tone to match a song I like.  Any suggestions?





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