Monthly Archives: May 2017

How are you coping in these crazy times?

As the world reels from its latest bout of horrifying news, it’s almost impossible to feel like the entire globe has lost its mind.  It’s enough to make you feel like hiding out in the remotest village you can find, or alternately wishing you really could be some kind of superhero with the power to […]

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Monday Message: Tough Times Never Last

In honor of the Mother’s Day that just was, I decided to pick a card from my Earth Magic deck.  These are oracle cards put out by Stephen Farmer that correspond with various aspects of Mother Earth.  The card that stepped forward today is VOLCANO.  In this deck, Volcano equals volatility! Volatility, described as the […]

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Monday Message: Blinded by the Light

This Monday I reached for my Psychic Tarot deck for enlightenment–and boy did I get it.  I picked 19–Light.  In a regular Tarot deck, this card represents The Sun.  This is one of my favorite cards as it vibrates with the energy of action, heat, light, incandescence (that is the second time today I have used […]

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It’s May Day–4 Ways to Celebrate!

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May 1 or May Day is also celebrated as the Celtic festival of Beltane. Beltane, which means bright fire, is a time of celebrating Spring at its energetic peak.  It is a time of honoring the Goddess as Maiden and May Queen, her male cohort as Jack in the Wood or the May King.  Together […]

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