5 Ways to Stay Sane When the World Seems to be Going Crazy

Lately, every time I see a newspaper or turn on the TV, there seems to be some form of chaos or madness going on.  Between civilian shooting and police massacres and the general contentiousness of the presidential election, it feels like crazy season is upon us in a big way.
If you are sensitive to energy (which most of us are, even if we don’t know we are) this makes matters much, much worse.  We tend to not only internalize the outward trappings of the world, but our own inner gauges ca be off as well.  We feel angry for no logical reason.  Memories or issues we thought we resolved surface again in surprising ways.  We feel as if no one understands us, because we don’t even understand ourselves right now.
So how do we get out of this cycle of nutsy energy—
  1. Breathe
The first way to change the energy of any situation is to change your breathing pattern.  What happens when we feel hyper or out of control?  We start to breathe more shallowly, providing less oxygen to our brain and other organs.  This is a fight or flight reaction to perceived danger.  Although we live in fearful times, we are not in imminent danger.  Relax.  Inhale deeply into your belly and exhale as if you are releasing all the unwanted tension and stress you don’t really need. 
Also, the same way we deliver oxygen to the body through the breath, we also deliver energy.  The deeper you breathe, the more energy—both physical and spiritual—you are sending through your energy field.
  1.  Get a grip
On fear—or anger—or sorrow.  Whatever heavy emotion is dragging you down, let it go.  Take a look at what you are fearing or raging about or whatever is making you sad.  Does it belong to you or are you piggybacking on the prevailing emotions of the time?  If it is yours, deal with it.  What people, issues, places are calling up these feelings for you?  Try to figure out how you can alter your situation to help dissipate these emotions.  If they are not yours, send them down to Mother Earth or up to the Heavens to be released. 
  1. Give a hug or twenty
Science has shown that embracing one another can really lift our mood and change our brain chemistry.  The good thing is, it doesn’t matter so much who it is.  Even hugging a complete stranger can be a boon to our emotions and our energy field.  How long should you hug?  Scientists say 20 seconds is the optimum time, or as a friend of mine says—keep hugging until you feel the energy shift.  All of a sudden you’ll feel like the cares of the world have lifted, and the good thing about it is you’ll do the same thing for your fellow huggee.  If you can’t find a person, hug a tree. 
  1.  Help somebody
These days, it’s not hard to find someone who is coping less well than you are.  Maybe they are really affected by current events.  Maybe they need healing and you are a healer; or you are a teacher and they need instruction in what you do.  Maybe you just buy a bunch of sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless in your city.  Find some way to be of service to your fellow humans.  It is the most rewarding thing in the world.  I know many times we end up being helpful to others in a random way, but planning to be of service has its perks, too.  You are stating to the Universe your intention to be a force of change in the world.  The Universse usually responds by sending great things your way, too. Share.
  1.  Create beauty
Nothing eases the pain like working on a creative project.  I love to paint or color, sing, dance or write whenever I am feeling blue or our of sorts.  Utilizing our creative energies is a balm to the soul and helps us tell our personal story in whatever format we choose.  Creating beauty is not the same thing as creating beautifully—as in forms that are pleasant or pleasing.  Beauty can actually appear to be quite ugly, but if it creates meaning, understanding, heartfelt sentiment and lifts the vibration, it is beautiful.
I may not be able to help you with the first four items on the list, but if you live in the New York area, I can help with the fifth.  I am holding a writer’s party on Friday, July 22, at 6:30 pm at Confetti Party Place in Bronx, NY.  We’ll be kicking back with our fellow writers for a bit of good food, great company and fantastic program which includes time to meet and mingle and especially WRITE.
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I look forward to seeing you on the 22!

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