Are you ready to shed your winter cocoon?

Despite what the thermometer (or the snow on the ground) may say–Spring has finally sprung!
Spring is one of my favorite times of year.  It’s all about pressing that reset button!  All that was dead and dried up comes back to life.  Warmth stirs our wombs and the womb of Mother Earth.  Babies of all species are born.  The world is new again.
The energy of the Spring is the Energy of the East, the land of the rising sun.  It is embodied in the concepts of newness, enlightenment, conceptualization,imagination, the element air, the color yellow and the nations of the East.
The Spring is a perfect time for hatching new plans or projects, cleaning and clearing out old or stale energies, re-evaluating and recalibrating our ideas, goals, action plans and priorities.
To connect with the energies of Spring, practice breathwork, watch the sunrise, sweep your house clean, burn incense or smudge your person and your space, discard limiting thoughts and the internal critic that nags at you.
Some of the Goddesses associated with Spring are Sita (Hindu), Ostara (Celtic), Oja (Yoruban) and many, many others.  My personal favorite Spring Goddess is Butterfly Maiden.​​​​​​​
If you have read my story here on my website, you know that this Hopi Kachina Dancer was instrumental in my personal journey.  It is also why tImagehe first session I do with clients is called a Butterfly Breakout Session.  At the time of my life when I came to know Butterfly Maiden, I was in need of a createthrough (creative breakthrough) in my life, and this Goddess was there for me. She was about adding color, pattern, beauty, liveliness, boldness and movement into my life.
What is it you need to call into your life this Spring?  Are you tired of that old cocoon, which felt comfortable once, but now is like a dark hole you need to escape?  Are you ready to add color, light, liveliness, truth, authenticity, joy, juiciness and love to what you are doing–or find something else you love to do?
If you are ready to break out this Spring, click here to save $50 if you schedule your Butterfly Breakout Session by March 31.  If you are not sure if you can use a createthrough, take this quiz.
Wishing you a very happy Spring–

P.S.  If you have a favorite way of welcoming in the Spring weather, post below to share!

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