Are you turned on or are you turned off?

Let me ask you a quick question–
What are you carrying in your womb?
If you’ve been keeping up with me you know I believe that what we carry in our wombs–and I don’t just mean our children– can affect every aspect of our lives.
As women, we tend to store everything we’ve got in the womb.  So that means all our joys, our successes, our defeats, our sorrows, our disappointments, our creativity, our juiciness or lack thereof, our power, our SELVES reside in the sacral area of our bodies.  
What happens when what you are carrying with you is the leftover toxins of abuse or lovelessness or pain?  How does this color how we view the rest of our lives?  What if our energy has been “cut” by tubal ligation, hysterectomy or other medical procedures?  What if our womb is affected by birth or pregnancy trauma?
We lose that vibrancy and that sense of aliveness or perhaps we never have it to begin with.  We slog through life not knowing what is responsible for this feeling of lack we endure.
In the last few years of my training and practice, I have come to realize that the vast majority of my clients are suffering from WDS or Womb Deactivation Syndrome.  Their connection to the energy, vitality, sensuality, intuition and power of their wombs is turned off.  They function, but every aspect of life becomes more difficult because they don’t have their full energy working for them.
I have to admit, I’ve been there myself.  After personal setbacks a few years ago, I found myself in that turned off place where I wasn’t enjoying life or anything in it.  My creative mojo went on vacation without me and I wasn’t writing anymore.  I wasn’t happy or productive and looking back, I don’t think there was anyone around me who didn’t notice.
It was only through extensive womb work that I felt myself come back into myself.  Every day, I work to reclaim more and more of who I truly am, though now it is joyous work, not a chore.
And so I wanted to offer women the same work that I have been doing for myself in an easily accessible way that will jumpstart their juiciness in a powerful, intensive and fast-acting way.  It took me a year-long apprenticeship to go from stuck-in-place to full of feminine grace.  I am now offering Womb Activation in 1, 4 or 6 sessions, depending on how deep you feel you need to go to flip your switch from off to fully turned on.
Who needs Womb Activation?
Do you:
  • Feel like your creative mojo went toes up?
  • Wonder if you sex drive has slipped a gear or disappeared?
  • Suffered a miscarriage, have difficulty getting pregnant or experienced other birth or pregnancy trauma?
  • Need help releasing sexual trauma, abuse, addiction or grief?
  • Desire greater joy, juiciness and joie de vivre?
If so, you may want to check out the three levels of Womb Activation to see which suits you and your needs right now.  Womb Reboot and Womb Recalibration are intended to take place over four and six weeks, respectively, but you can time them out to fit your own schedule and finances.  
If you are interested in finding out more about Womb Activation, please call me at 347-913-6052 or email me at

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