Been F’d Up by 2016? Here are 5 More F’s to help make 2017 your best year yet!

kick 2017 to the curbLet’s face it, 2016 hasn’t exactly been an easy year for many of us.  If it wasn’t the neverending election season and continuing political angst, it was personal drama of one kind or another.  Even if 2016 was a great year, it came with a lot of change and challenge.  Now that 2016 is almost over, all I can say is whew!!!

This isn’t surprising considering that 2016 was a 9 year.  9 is the number of completion and many things came to an end this year. Many things were let go of or expunged, and  not always by choice.  And we all know that change–even if it is for the better–can be stressful.

The good news is that 2017 is a 1 year, which means it is all about new beginnings, new opportunities, new ways of thinking about ourselves or the world. It’s a natural vibration of pushing that reset button and get the do-over we deserve.

How to make the most of this year full of possibilities and promise?

  1. Forget the past — Focus on the present and the future you want to call in rather than any foibles or missteps in the past.  How can we move forward if we are constantly looking backward at things we can no longer change?  Especially since looking backward can include flogging ourselves for whatever “mistakes” we may have made.  I put mistakes in parentheses because many times things we consider to be mistakes are simply missed opportunities to learn about ourselves and what works for us.  It’s okay to remember the lesson, while letting go of our energetic connection to the specific incident from our past.
  1. Forgive yourself, your parents, your family, the world, God — Fixing blame or deciding who is at fault is a thankless and pointless task.  That’s not to say that we shouldn’t examine what does and does not work for us.  What I mean is pointing fingers either at ourselves or others is really about making judgements.  Who is good and who is bad.  Who did right and who did wrong.  We’re not Santa making lists of who or what is naughty and nice–and then rewarding or punishing accordingly (in some legends of Santa, he has an assistant who throws “bad” children beat downs!).  If we blame ourselves or others, we pit ourselves against everything around us that we actually need to be working for us.  Forgive and let the negative feelings go.
  2. Face your fears — Nothing holds us back like letting our fears get the best of us.  Sometimes we’re even afraid to voice what our fears are, much less stare them in the eye without flinching.  Fear is a teacher.  It lets you know where you have given up your power.  Well, you can always take it back.  Recognize what your fear  triggers are and find ways to deal with them.  I am a big believer in the recitation of the Litany of Fear from Dune.  YMMV.
  3. Fall in love with your future — The same way we don’t want to hold on to negative feelings or experiences, we do want to cultivate positive  and loving energetic relationships with what we want to call in for ourselves.  Treat the future you desire like a lover.  You  know that feeling you get when you are thinking about a new love, that warm fuzzy.  You can’t wait to be with your love and you joyfully make plans for your time together.  Sigh!  Now imagine the life you desire.  Hold it in the same high regard, with the same joyful (not scared, worried or resistant) excitement.  
  4. Forge a new path — Einstein said insanity can be defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working the way you wanted it to, quit the blame game (see no. 2) and start a new plan.  What path to chart?  Think of what brings up the most fear in you or that you have the most resistance around. That signals a change and a challenge for you.  Are you willing to pick up the gauntlet and run with it?

An essential part of forging that new path is having a clear vision of the direction in which you want to go.  You don’t have to know the exact destination, but if you want to make 2017 your best year ever, you have to get on the road. 

That’s why I hope you will join me for my last VIRTUAL Healing Intensive for the year–Kick 2016 to the Curb.  Someone asked me why do we want to KICK 2016?  What if it was a great year for you.  Then fine, Kiss 2016 Goodbye.  But even if you had a phenomenal year, you still need to let the old die for the new to begin.  We from science that no two things or no two energies can occupy the same place at the same time.  We need to release the last cycle to move into the one that is to come.

Our Agenda for the Day

11-12: Welcome and What do you need to leave in 2016
12-1: Energy Clearing of the 2016 Vibration
1-2: Lunch
2-3: Dream a dream of 2017
3-4: WOMANifesting the way forward


→  feel weighed down by the events of the previous year
→  need clarity and confidence for the coming year
→  desire to focus on your dreams rather than any disappointments
→  are ready to anchor your vision of the possible into your reality
→  crave an action plan and a purpose for 2017

The Healing Intensive is only $47.  But register by December 15 and save an additional $20.

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Once you have registered, you will be given instructions on how to join our Intensive. I hope to “see” you there!

If you want to make 2017 your BREAKOUT YEAR, YOUR BEST YEAR YET–this is the Intensive for you!!







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