30- Day Intensive Coaching Program to help you break through to your best year EVER!girl-with-arms-outstretched2 copy fbJoin Createthrough Coach Dee Savoy for this individual coaching program consisting of 3 10-day spirals focusing on mastering the three most important aspects of your life:

  1. Your PURPOSE — What does the new you look like to you?
  2. Your PRIORITIES — What do you need to do and in what order?
  3. Your PLAN — What do you need to do (and when)?

We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps. — Francis Bacon

The Spiritual PathTake this first step in rising to new heights.  What you will get during the 30-Day Intensive Program:

  • 4-hour intensive to jumpstart your journey
  • Meditations and affirmations for each of the three cycles
  • LIVE 45-minute coaching session at the beginning of each cycle
  • Downloadable Art and Writing Journal to be used during the 30 days
  • ACTION PLAN for continuing the transformation going forward

Although this program functions on a very pragmatic level, I always believe in dealing with issues on all levels–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each of these aspect will be addressed as part of my holistic approach to coaching.  This is why meditation, affirmations, creative art and writing journaling and healing sessions are an integral part of our work together.  register now   Here’s our schedule–          

⇒ Spiral 1:  Discovering Your Mission          

⇒ Spiral 2:  Setting goals and devising strategies          

⇒ Spiral 3:  Womanifesting what you want

As if that were not enough of a sweet deal, here’s three bonuses open to all participants in the program:  

BONUS 1: 21-days of journaling prompts (Value=$49.)  These prompts are from my Creativity program and they are designed to tap into your creative potential.  You can use these in conjunction with your art/writing journal or work on them separately.

BONUS 2: FREE Group Healing Session (Value =$90.)  to boost energy and strength for transformation.  This session will be held in Bronx, NY as a special nod to my hometown.  Date and time of this session is TBD and may be webcast.

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone. — R. Allen 

ASK YOURSELF THIS — Isn’t it time you took charge of your life and started moving in the direction of your dreams?  

We all are co-creators of our existence, by helping to call in those things we desire and letting go of past pain, guilt, sadness, shame or other emotions that keep us stuck and unfulfilled.   Isn’t it time you took a chance on yourself and the lioutside comfort zonefe that is calling to you?  I know that striving for your dreams rather than settling for the status quo can be risky, but is it really any more dangerous than never truly going for it?

So, take a chance on your dreams, your self and your future and sign up today to jumpstart the life you’ve always wanted.  

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If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at embodythegoddess444@gmail.com or call 347-913-6052.