Byosen Scanning Made Simple–revisiting my Reiki blog

I want to share with you THE most popular post from my old Reiki blog.  Even without an attunement it is possible to scan our own energy or the energy of others and discover where blockages and problems exist in our energy field.  Identifying “problem” areas is the first step to dealing with our issues.  One question you can ask yourself is: where does my energy feel different?  Not bad or heavy or thick or any other adjective.  We want to know where the line is between feeling good and feeling not so much and heal whatever is causing the line.

Here’s the article from my old blog.  Hope you like it.

Actually, I find scanning one of the easiest Reiki techniques. Byo means sick and sen means line, so you are basically looking for areas of sickness in the body. What is difficult is gauging the subtlety of what you find in the energy field. Sometimes you can feel hot or cold, tingling or other sensations, each or which may indicate something different. Ideally, with time the practitioner will be able to discern what each feeling indicates.

Here’s the technique:

  1. Starting at your client’s crown, run your palm downward along the front of the client’s body, keeping your hand at least two or three inches above the client. Scanning is done strictly in the energy field. The back of the body can also be scanned.
  2. As your hand moves, note any changes in temperature or any sensations of tingling, pain, or discomfort you might feel in your palm or in your own body corresponding with where you are scanning on the client.
  3. These areas where you feel differences are the ones that in all likelihood require special attention during treatment.

Scanning does not have to occur in one smooth motion, but often proceeds in several stroking motions, pausing when hibiki is found. Hibiki is the dissonance between the positive energy in the practitioner’s hand and the negative energy of dis-ease in the client which causes the sensations I described. The practitioner might pause to confirm the presence of sensations, note their strength or discuss them with the client before moving on.

There’s nothing hard about this. But the more I do Byosen scanning the more I realize that the interpretation of sensations gets easier because I am more open to clues. For example, most of us have a little voice in our head that often warns us against foolhardy choices. Mine likes to help me scan. It offers suggestions that are correct nearly 100 percent of the time.

As with many other aspects of Reiki, one has only to attempt something new to find out what works and what doesn’t and how versatile an energy Reiki is. So give scanning a try. I think you’ll like it.

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