Can your Inner Goddess come out to play?

11828826_733234030139525_7122311605367225781_nCall me crazy, but I have a thing about finding like-minded women and getting them together for fun, education, sisterhood and self-growth.  I caught the girl-tribe vibe back in junior high school when I founded the all-female future teacher’s club with the help of my mentor/advisor whose name I no longer remember.  To my knowledge, at least one of us (me) actually became a public school teacher.

women holding handsThe bug bit me again when I hit college. I founded a service sorority, Gamma Delta, that helped raise hell funds for a variety of college charities. Most sororities unaffiliated with a major organization lasted only a few years before dissolving.  I attended the 10-year anniversary of the founding of the group on March 5 (one of the goddess Isis’ feast days).

It’s been many, many years since I celebrated that milestone, but the fever has never really gone away.  There is something about getting a group of women together with a mission that is unequaled by any other type of gathering.  

Women can be loving, womennurturing, soft, hard, strong, tireless, needy, inspired–the whole gambit, sometimes all in one woman.  Even so, we tend to seek rather than deny community and sisterhood.  When a focus is given, even if it is our own enlightenment, we can attack it with the fierceness of a warrior or the gentleness of a mother with a newborn.  

If you look at the ultimate sisterhood–the many iterations of the great Goddess seen throughout the world–the maiden, the mother, the crone, the huntress, the wise woman on the hill, the devoted nururer, the seductress, the shrew–you see in her the diversity that exists in all women.

lubaina choudhuryThis is why I am so pleased to announce that I and my buddy Lubaina Choudhury will be facilitating a women’s circle starting on August 30.  Our goal is to meet each month on the full moon for sharing, sisterhood, womanifestation, and community.  Our purpose is to honor each woman’s definition of herself and her own brand of femininity and her own connection with the feminine divine.  Each woman will be called on to share her talents, her ideas, her energy, her gifts, her self to the circle for personal and collective growth and wisdom.

If this sounds like something that intrigues or inspires you, please join us.  Our first meeting will be on August 30 at 5 pm at Keystone Dance Studios, 252 W. 30th Street, 4B NYC.You can register by clicking the link below.

Cost: $25

If you bring a friend, you each can get a $5. discount.

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