Is your dream too big, or just the right size?

This weekend before last I was so thrilled to be a part of the Harlem Hafla, a first of its kind showcase for Black+ bellydance in NYC, hosted by Brandy Heyward. When Brandy told me she was going to hold this event, I imagined maybe a few dancers that would be very nice and enjoyable, but probably […]

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Opportunity is knocking. Are you answering?

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One of my intentions in 2016 is to be more consistent with the messages I bring forward for you.  I love to visit Oracle card decks for their wisdom as they tend to be more straightforward than Tarot cards (or maybe its only me that gets carried away exploring symbolism) yet still speak to us […]

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Go to your womb–The top 3 ways to increase creative flow

I had the pleasure today of attending a Goddess workshop facilitated by Maryanne Savino and Leslie Zehr.  Having buried two of my family matriarchs in the past two weeks, I felt in need of community with women.  Besides, one of my goals in this new year is to incorporate more dance and movement in my […]

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