I offer the following Coaching Programs:

Butterfly Breakout Session

1 90-minute session


For the woman on the verge of a Createthrough—a creative breakthrough in her life.  Like the butterfly, we sometimes cocoon ourselves in inaction or stuckness when we know it is time to create something new for ourselves.

But then comes the time when we need to break out of our shells and do what we were meant to do.

In this 90 minute session we discover, explore and make actionable:

· the calling of your heart, mind and spirit as to what you need to manifest in your life right now

· the beliefs and mindset that have kept you from moving forward

· release fears, doubts and other factors that prevent you from calling in the life, the love and the work you truly desire.

To find out if you are truly ready to Break Out, take our Createthrough Quiz.

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Breakthrough to the
New You

30-day Coaching Program


This coaching program consists of 3 10-day spirals focusing on mastering the three most important aspects of the new you:

1.    Your PURPOSE — What is 2016 about for you?

2.    Your PRIORITIES — What do you need to do and in what order?

3.    Your PLAN — What do you need to do (and when)?

Take this first step in rising to new heights in the next year.  What you will get during the 30-Day Intensive Program:

· 1-Day intensive to jumpstart your transformation

· Meditations and affirmations for each of the three cycles

· LIVE individual coaching call at the beginning of each cycle

· Downloadable Art and Writing Journal to be used during the 30 days

· ACTION PLAN for to facilitate your growth.

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For more information, email  dee@thegoddessdreams.com with BREAKTHROUGH in the subject line.

Fierce, Focused and Fabulous

5-month Coaching Program


This program is for the woman who finds herself facing a new phase of her life and wondering what the hell am I supposed to do now? 

That’s when it’s time to rely on the fourth feminine archetype –the Amazon– the woman on her own or the woman with more time to devote to her own pursuits, her own passions and her own projects.  

She may be a woman who has just divorced or her nest is empty or she is ready to open her own business or focus on her life-long dream.

This 5-month coaching program focuses on activating and energizing this fourth feminine archetype in our energy field through our connection with the four basic elements inherent in nature. 

By focusing on these elements we can see which aspects of ourselves need bolstering or unblocking as we work toward creating the life, love and work of our dreams.

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For life and business coaches: Pitching Woo:  Incorporating esoteric elements into your practice without sounding weird, wooden or wacky

Next session:  TBD 

Coaches, counselors, workshop leaders, do you find your clients succeeding up to a point,then slipping back into old patterns?  Do you find your clients reverting to limiting beliefs or wonder why transformation never really takes hold?  Do you find yourself wondering how you can keep upping your game as a coach to continue to serve your clients? Don’t worry–you’re not alone.  

So often in coaching we focus so much on what people are thinking. We wonder what beliefs they are holding that are holding them back. But true transformation doesn’t come from changing our mind, it comes from changing our energy.

This four-week course is designed to help health and business coaches broach metaphysical subjects with their clients to help support energetically the work their clients are doing physically, emotionally and mentally.   Topics included in this training will be:

      • Intuition, Coincidence and Synchronicity
      • Dreamwork
      • Vibrational and Energy Healing
      • Breathwork, Meditation and Movement
      • Womb (hara) awakening for greater creativity and purpose
      • Why transformation is an evolving practice
      • How revisiting old wounds might actually be progress in disguise

Emphasis will be given to the scientific underpinnings of psychic, intuitive and healing work, including how to use common verbiage rather that woo-speak to help clients shift their energies to make permanent changes in their lives. Applications opening soon!