Butterfly Maiden (1) The Goddess is my Transformation Coach

A few years back, I was in need of a createthrough of my own.  It seemed that everything in my life was falling apart–my job, my marriage, my healing practice, my writing career, my life.  

Even a skin condition I’d coped with from childhood had gone wild, covering most of my body. Something had to give and I just wasn’t getting it done on my own.  

I felt I had one recourse left–I decided to pray.

Each day I lit a candle and said a prayer to the Goddess and each day I picked a card from my Doreen Virtue Goddess Oracle for inspiration. The first day, I shuffled the deck, spread out the cards face down before me and picked–Butterfly Maiden.   I really appreciated the sentiment she represented: transformation. Exactly what I needed. 

The second day, I lit my candle, said my prayer, shuffled the deck again and got–Butterfly Maiden.  

Every day for 21 days, I selected Butterfly Maiden.   

But, by then, my skin condition had cleared up, I’d moved out of my apartment, made plans to go back to work and gotten a real handle on where I wanted to go.  I put my healing practice on hold to cocoon myself for a while.  When I returned to the practice, I came back much stronger, with a much better idea of what it really takes to heal on all levels.

Transformational Coaching for Creative Souls

When I thought about becoming a coach, I knew what I wanted to do was bring creative, transformative insight into women’s lives.  Whether we think of ourselves this way or not, we are all creative souls.  We all co-creators of our world and our existence.  Part of affecting this creation is claiming our innate power as women to conceive of and  bring forth life and newness and change.

This is the domain of the Goddess, the wild energy that seeks its appropriate form. I developed my programs with a desire to help women tap into their own innate feminine energies and their own intuition, our strongest gift as women.

If you are wondering if you are on the verge of a createthrough, take our quiz. Three or more “yes” answers suggest you are ready to create through to your next level in life, in love or in your work.  

Call me at 347-913-6052 to book your complimentary Butterfly Breakout Session to see if you are ready to get out of your cocoon and learn how to fly.  In this session we’ll explore:

  • the calling of your heart, mind and spirit as to what you need to manifest in your life right now
  • the beliefs and mindset that have kept you from moving forward
  • release fears, doubts and other factors that prevent you from calling in the life, the love and the work you truly desire.

Most of all, we’ll be looking at the ways you are stuck right now and how we can remove blocks in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to allow you to claim the life you were born to live. Check out this video for more information on what a Createthrough is and how it can benefit you:

If this sounds like the kind of help you have been looking for, I would love to work with you.  Click the link below to be taken to my program page for more information on how we can work together to create the life the love and the work of your dreams!

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Still not decided? Call Dee today at (347) 913-6052 .You might get some answers to some of the questions you have about moving forward.