Sundays on the full moon at:
Keystone Dance Studio, 252 W 30th St, # 4B, New York, New York 10001


In these changing times, it is very important for us as women to connect to the energy of the feminine. In ancient times women gathered in groups, covens or colleges to study and honor the natural lunar cycles, to awaken their creativity and facilitate healing through the power of the feminine.

How do we translate that into our modern lives in the midst of the stresses of work, family, relationships and so on? Our vision is to create a community, in which we as women can unite and support each other–not only through sharing and bonding through our current life experiences in a safe environment, but also through practices such as meditation, dancing, art and music. Our goal is to assist each other’s transformation and growth as women and individuals.

Each month, under the full moon, we will use the power of the lunar cycle that is connected to our bodies and inner rhythms to awaken the creative feminine energy that dwells inside us. By doing so, we learn not only to release what no longer serves us, but also to manifest what we truly desire to bring into our lives.

Join us every month on the full moon to participate in this healing circle. Become a part of and build a community of powerful goddesses!