Wouldn’t you like to access your fullest creative potential? 

Find out what’s blocking you from fulfilling your creative destiny?

Reclaim parts of your self lost in the unconscious that contain the keys to your imaginal self?

You may know that I am an intuitive coach and healer using the principles of womb awakening to help women get unstuck from where they are now to create the life, the love and the work of their dreams. 

body_of_lies_smBut I am also the National Bestselling author of over a dozen novels and novellas.  I was the first recipient of the Emma Award for best new author and I received another Emma for best Romance Suspense in 2001.  Publisher’s Weekly called my work “A Step Up in Quality.”

In addition, I hold a Masters degree in education.  I have taught a course on creativity, the arts and education at my local community college since 2011.

So I feel super excited to talk to you that I am bringing back my successful program–

Cracking the Creativity Code:  Unlocking the Key to You Most Creative Self

Whew, that sounds like a mouthful, but let’s face it—there’s more to creativity than just generating new ideas for our work or for our lives.  To be truly creative requires the impetus or fuel of creativity, the vision or creative perspective, and the courage to see our work through to fruition, whatever we define that to be. 

If we leave out any aspect of the formula, we have ideas without the drive to see them through or we keep spinning our wheels knowing there is a creative well inside of us that we don’t have the vision or heart to bring forth.

And the creative impulse isn’t limited only to our work.  Each of us is the co-creator of our life, as well.  If we are afraid to dare in our lives, then we will be timid in our work, and vice versa.  Freeing ourselves to create also helps us free ourselves to live.  Thus the rewards of opening ourselves to creativity are limitless. 

This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • unlock your highest creative potential
  • break through the blockages that have been keeping you stuck
  • access the limitless possibilities of the imaginal realm
  • connect with guardians to help guide your creative process
  • create and live from a more authentic place within yourself

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What you get from this 21 day course:

  • Kick-off meditation and energy transmission
  • Daily writer’s affirmation and/or journaling prompt
  • Worksheets and handouts to print out and utilize
  • Weekly phone conference
  • Three Meditations, one for each week
  • Unlimited email access to me during the course
  • Optional half-price 45-minute creativity coaching call (a $150 value)

Our theme for each week:

Week 1:  Meeting your Muse

In traditional Greek mythology, the muses were nine daughters of Zeus who inspired mortals in endeavors from music to dance to astronomy to the writing of sacred song.  The ancients called upon these goddesses for inspiration, encouragement and the ability to bring their vision to reality. 

Together we will explore the energy of the muse, meet our own personal Muses and begin to incubate a new and more expansive vision of our work, our lives and our mission on the planet.

Week 2:  Stalking your Story

stalking yourstoryFrom the beginning of time, story has been the oldest most basic unit of meaning. Jung believed that each of us carries with us the blueprint of every human story in the part of psyche known as the collective unconscious.  This is why depictions of myths, legends and other ancient stories resonate so deeply within us.   On a conceptual and imaginal level we recognize the commonality of human experience.

Each of us is the hero(ine) of our own story.  But what kind of story are we telling? Is it the one we were born to tell or have we limited the scope of our vision?  With the help of animal allies we will track the grandest story that is ours to tell at this time.

Week 3:  Breaking out of your Box

outoftheboxTrue creativity flows from emotional, cognitive and spiritual freedom—the ability to immerse ourselves in the waters of the unconscious without fear.  Often, though, our progress is hampered by feelings of doubt, unworthiness, insecurity or the naggings of our internal critic who mocks us at every turn.

Somewhere at some time, our imaginal self has been injured by disapproval, harsh environment or other factors which are damaging to our luminous bodies.  With our helping spirits as allies, we will journey to find and heal that wounded part of our energy body and to reclaim our full power as co-creators of our lives, our work and our spiritual destinies.



This course is designed to be completed in three weeks, but as it is a self-study course, you can work at your own pace.  Some elements may require more of your time than others.  Other elements may not suit you.  But remember that we are working in the feminine dimension:  there is no have to, only what you feel called to do.

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By the end of this course, you will:

  • explore your true creative nature and creative mission
  • open to your true purpose as a creatrix,  woman, and human being
  • free yourself of fears, doubts, blocks or beliefs that have been holding you back
  • delve into the shadows of your imaginal self to reclaim your creative birthright
  • discover your personal creative space on the inner planes and outer realms

Here’s what some of my students have said about me . . .

I have worked with Dee on and off for seven years now and she never fails to point me in the right directionlubaina choudhury and motivate me in achieving goals that I set for myself or helping me set goals when I have none!  Dee will be with you every step of the way, but at the same time, she will not mollycoddle you or fail to make you feel empowered rather than dependent.


Dee’s individual coaching calls are amazing!  I am so impressed with her energy and the breadth of her experience.  She is authentic, kind and empowering.  


I’m a fashion designer with a lot of ideas on my mind.  I used to help others designers develop their lines, but now I am helping myself through my connection with God and the Universe and my Creative Self.


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