Woman-Layiing-in-Fall-LeavesJoin me on Saturday, October 10, for a deep dive into healing, transformation and finally getting what you want in the next twelve months!

Perhaps it is all the years that I have spent as a Kindergarten teacher and now as a college professor, but September, not January has always seemed like the beginning of the new year for me.

In September we return to a time of knuckling down after a time of play

In September we have a fresh start and an air of “newness” and possibility.

We get to buy new clothes!

The energy of the fall is about going inward, reflecting on our selves, our lives, our work, our love—or lack thereof.So, it is this time of year in which many people, myself included, tend to review the year that passed and project forward to the upcoming year to see where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

This is why I’ve come up with my first program of the true new year

Fall Into Your Best Year Ever: 1-Day Healing Intensive to Jumpstart the life, the love and the work of your dreams

This ONLINE program is designed to help you clarify what you’d like to call in for the coming year, cleanse yourself of any beliefs, emotions, habits or ways of being that might be holding you back from achieving what you desire and, finally, clearing a space in your life for the things you desire to come into your life fully.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

→  Gain greater clarity on what you wish to call into your life        right now
→  Let go of beliefs and habits that no longer serve you
→  Understand and take responsibility for your role in co-creating your life experiences
→  Get out of your own way to receive and enjoy the things you desire

Here’s what people say about working with Dee:

lubaina choudhuryDee has been an incredible teacher and an amazing friend to me. The energies that she channels are so powerful, they can move you to tears.




lilian abreuIt has been a year since then and I have to say that meeting Dee was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Not only has she helped me to stop being afraid, but also to find my true self, to awaken the woman that I really am, with my own voice, dreams and desires.


Rocio LaRosaDee is a very kind spirit who has taught me much about myself. Ever so grateful to have found her!



Here’s what’s included in the program:

• Hours of exclusive content designed to help you jumpstart the life, the love and the work you desire.
• Live meditations (and replay downloads) to connect with and clear your energy field, release unwanted beliefs, emotions and energies. ($295 value)
• Worksheets and other materials to facilitate transformation ($195 value)
• 1-on-1 Focus Call to help bolster you on your new path. ($295 value)
• 50% discount on private healing sessions to support your work (available in-person or via Skype (priceless)

What can you expect to get from the Intensive:

  • A clear sense of what you want to call in for 2015-2016
    Releasing issues, habits, beliefs, emotions, etc. that hold you back and keep you from moving forward
    Cleansing and strengthening of the energy field and aura.
    A declaration of your intention to create the life, the love and the work of your dreams
    Group and 1-on-1 support for healing and transformation

If you are ready to call in the life, the love and the work you desire and deserve, register now at the Early Bird price of just $47. (The price goes up to $97 on October 5).

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