Body Series

Body of Truth
Dafina Books
ISBN: 0758212283

A nurse in the tough South Bronx, Dana Molloy has always sacrificed her happiness to care for others. Now, on the eve of a much-deserved vacation, a drive-by shooting leaves her wounded and a teenager dead. When officials ignore the crimes, Dana is mad as hell, determined to get action, and right up in the face of Bronx homicide detective Jonathan Stone. It’s a face Dana can’t resist, even though it belongs to the last type of man she ever thought she’d fall for–a cop.

Despite her intentions to distance herself from him emotionally, she feels the pull of an atttraction that is at once mutual and compelling. But when someone tries to run her down, she turns to Jonathan for both his protection and to find out who really wants her dead. But the answers she seeks are more complicated than anyone expects. As the sins of the past and the sordidness of the present collide on the mean streets, the path before Dana may lead to Jonathan’s arms—or to the wrong place, the wrong time, and the hands of a killer.

Body of Lies
Dafina Books
ISBN: 0758212291

Clinical psychologist Alexandra Waters always tackles the tough cases. Counseling a convicted rapist is one of them. Alex believes she has made a difference in that man’s life until she’s called in to track down a serial killer. The cops—particularly superstar Bronx detective Zachary Stone—believe the perpetrator is Alex’s client. Nobody listens when she insists it’s not.

Even if Zach thinks Alex is wrong, he can’t stay away from her. Years before, they shared one night of passion—only one. Zach walked away, leaving Alex hurt and abandoned. Now the fire is back, blazing hotter than ever. But the killer they both seek is still on the loose and getting more dangerous. Even as Zach and Alex surrender to the desire building between them, Alex is targeted as the murderer’s next victim. Alex can’t run, can’t hide, can’t escape. All she and Zach can do is come up with a plan to fight back.