Fierce, Focused and Feminine: FREE Telecall Accessing the Fourth Feminine Archetype for Guts, Growth and Getting on with Life

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awaken your inner amazon

Traditionally, the Divine Feminine or Goddess Archetype has been seen in three aspects that correspond to different times in our lives:  Maiden, Mother and Crone.

The Maiden is the young innocent or the wild child who finds no shame in her sexuality.  She is the embodiment of Shakti energy and her passions are free.he mother energy is that of the nurturer, birthed and protectress of new life.  Here is the woman who is gentle with those under her charge (unless they need some tough love to get them on their path) and merciless to those who might harm her children.

The Crone is the Wise Woman who has two faces, as she is both long lived and at the end of her cycle.  She turns one countenance to the life she has lived and another toward the new life that will soon be hers.  This is the true chaos, the whirlwind between the worlds.

But perhaps because we are living longer or the focus of our lives has shifted somewhat, a Fourth Feminine Archetype, that of the Amazon has emerged.   The Amazon can be a mature woman who has left the Mother phase but is not yet ready to adopt the mantle of Crone.  She is often at a new phase of her life:  the divorce is finally final; the kids have left home; she is stepping out on her own in her own business; she is ready; at last, to take up the work of her heart’s desire.

Or she wants to.  This is the place many women get stuck.  They are ready to move into a new phase, but they don’t know where to begin, or they are arid to go for it.  The might feel they are too old to star some daring new venture or they are afraid to make a mistake.

But this is exactly the time we need this archetype the most.  We need to embrace the instinct of the Warrior Woman and allow ourselves not only the permission but the strength, guts and heart to take on our soul’s desire and bring it to fruition.

It goes without saying that woman of any age can benefit from each of the Feminine Archetypes.  Sometimes we need that nurturing Mother energy around us to help us be kind to ourselves.  Sometimes we need the Inner Wisdom of the Crone or the Pure Heart of the Maiden.

Women of any age can benefit from the vibration of the Amazon, who is self, sufficient, knows who she is and and is ready to defend it, but is surrounded by the company and camaraderie of her sisters.

Join me for this important tele call to connect with and activate Amazon energy for the next phase of your life—even if you aren’t sure where you want your life to go.  Amazon energy helps you find your focus, reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and gives you the kind of fierce determination it takes sometimes to bring your desires into being—even if that means learning to relax enough to ALLOW the Universe to bring them to you.  Sometimes softness is the strongest stance you can take.