gabriel2When: Friday, April 11, 7 pm
***Do not arrive before 6:45 pm***
Where: Keystone Studios 252 W. 30th Street
Exchange: $25. if registered by April 1; $35 thereafter
To register: contact Dee at

Archangel Gabriel (or Gabrielle as this energy sometimes manifests) is the herald said to have presaged the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, as well as providing Mohammad with his first revelation. Gabriel is the proclaimer of good news, the bringer and interpreter of dreams, the selector of souls to incarnate and the Messenger from the Spirit world. Does (s)he have a message for you?

Join me for an evening of connection to the imaginal realm and the special places where Gabriel resides, bringing story in the form of prose, poetry, dance, art, song and most importantly own one’s own authentic truth. It is from this depth that all creativity flows, and our potential as creators of our work and co-creation of our lives is realized.

Bring pen and paper or any other medium you would like to work with to record messages or inspiration that may come through for you.

Dee Savoy comes from a powerful lineage of seers, healers, and mediums. She has always been both a strong dreamer and an adept interpreter of dreams. She picked up her first deck of Tarot cards at age 14. She has been reading ever since. As a coach, Dee helps her clients tap into their own intuition and the guidance they receive from their helper spirits to awaken their true Goddess nature. As an intuitive healer, Dee uses her knowledge of Reiki, mediumship, essential oils, sound healing, Shamanism and dreamwork to provide individualized healing experiences for her clients. Her website is