Getting to the Heart of It

I had intended to send this out as a Monday Message, but it was Tuesday before I got around to it. I guess it is better late than never. Enjoy the latest post in my cha

The heart chakra is the fourth of seven and needs little explanation.  It is located in the center of the chest, near the actual heart.  It is the dividing line between the lower chakras (base, sacral, solar plexus) and the upper (throat, brow, crown).  The energy of the heart chakra affects the lungs, the heart and the thymus.  The color of the heart chakra is green (or a soft pink).  Both pink and or green stones resonate with the heart chakra including calcite, jade, moonstone, rose quartz, and malachite.  Aromatherapy scents are bergamot, Melissa and rose.

A person with a balanced heart chakra is compassionate, understanding, loving, able to fall in love easily.  Someone with an unbalanced hear chakra is fearful, co-dependent, and dreads both commitment and betrayal.

To expand your heart chakra:  Get into a comfortable seated position with your back straight and your feet on the floor.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply (to a count of three).  As you inhale imagine that you are taking in bright, healing, loving light.  Exhale just as slowly, imagining that energy spreading throughout your body, more and more with each breath.  Let your energy go down to the Earth through your feet and up to the heavens through your crown.  When you are ready, come back into yourself and open your eyes.  You should feel calm and more relaxed.       

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