Womb Retrieval is a process of assessing, awakening and recalibrating the energies of the womb in order to bring greater joy, creativity, passion, juiciness and connectedness into our lives. Like soul retrieval, womb retrieval is the act of reclaiming vital energies lost through trauma, wounding, karma, birth (our own and that of our children), and other factors.  

By recovering and reincorporating these energies of the womb, we can bring greater flow, balance, grief release and healing. There are three different levels of Womb Activation.  Check below to see which is right for you.

Womb Mapping


1 90-minute session

Through movement, meditation and massage, the current state of womb energy is assessed, blockages to energetic flow are analyzed and released and rites and practices are suggested to strengthen womb energy.

Womb Reboot


4 1-hr sessions

These in-depth and intensive sessions are designed to reanimate the natural energies of the womb and to bring about rapid, far-reaching change in your life.  Emphasis is given to recalling lost energies, wisdom and vigor to womb energies.

Womb Recalibration


6 1-hr sessions

Receive all the benefits of Womb Reboot with extra support given in the form of 2 phone coaching sessions, and womb wrap, yoni steam or other services of your choice.

The womb is our center of creativity, ecstasy, interrelatedness with our ancestry and progeny (both our biological and spiritual).  The womb is our first home, our first taste of warmth, nurturing belonging and therefore connection.  Birth or gestational trauma can skew our entire perception of the world as a safe or dangerous place.
When the energy of the womb is “cut” either through trauma, episiotomy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy or other surgeries, it can result in a loss of sensation, sexuality, joie de vivre, or creativity.  We feel as if life has lost some of its lustre and we don’t know how to get it back.
Who needs Womb Activation?
  • Feel like your creative mojo went toes up?
  • Wonder if you sex drive has slipped a gear or disappeared?
  • Suffered a miscarriage, have difficulty getting pregnant or experienced other birth or pregnancy trauma and can’t figure out why?
  • Need help releasing sexual trauma, abuse, addiction or grief?
  • Desire greater joy, juiciness and joie de vivre?

At its most basic, Womb Retrieval is like pressing the reset button on our womb energy, to help it return stronger, more purposeful and more powerfully intuitive than before.  Womb Retrieval is intended to help us release “negative” or “stuck” energies in the womb, to release old grief patterns and to instill the womb with a greater capacity for intuition, sensation, and pleasure.

What comes up during Womb Retrieval will depend on how deep you need to go or are willing to go in order to clear the energy of the Womb and reignite its power with love, healing, creative force and passion.

To schedule your Womb Retrieval or to find out more information, contact Dee at 347-913-6052 or email dee@thegoddessdreams.com