How are you coping in these crazy times?

As the world reels from its latest bout of horrifying news, it’s almost impossible to feel like the entire globe has lost its mind.  It’s enough to make you feel like hiding out in the remotest village you can find, or alternately wishing you really could be some kind of superhero with the power to fight against evildoers of all kinds in a meaningful way.
The truth of the matter is that we are caught up in the wake of changing times.  The old system is dying and a new one is trying to be born.  We are deep in the vortex of the Goddess, the whorl of chaos, where we can birth a new Earth of greater light, love, compassion, joy and healing.  We’ve all heard the expression, “it’ll get worse before it gets better.”  Well, this is the worse part.  The silver lining to that is –IT GETS BETTER!
Some people take the position that they will just hunker down where they are and ride it out.  However, every point of change requires us to act, not to hide.  Part of the job of all conscious people now is to answer the service call of their sacred mission–which always involves helping others in some way.  No two missions may be the same, as there is so much work to be done. Some need to march, some need to organize, some need to speak, some need to heal, some need to dance or paint or sing or shout.  Some need to create and hold the vision of what this new Earth will be.
I really believe this is why so many people feel called now toward psychic or healing work right now.  More and more we are waking up to the notion that we are here to be our brother and our sister’s keeper.  It’s getting to be an IYFUWAFU (if you fuck up, we all fuck up) moment, where we recognize we all need to move forward together or we will perish together.  But the real opportunity for us all is to discover our inner Amazon, that Wonder Woman aspect of the Goddess that, above all else, seeks the light and the truth.  
Thus our task becomes not fighting evil but bringing in the light.  To quote the old tune–what the world needs now is love, sweet love.  As we interact with our fellow humans right now, we need to consider each other with the eyes of love.  We need to ask ourselves what the most loving thing we can do in any given situation.  This does not mean becoming soft with pseudo newspeak babble about remaining “positive” no matter the situation.  I call this OMsplaining (every time someone has a negative thought a fairy loses its wings or other nonsense).  However it does require us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to and compassionate toward everyone we come in contact with.  If I truly see my brother or sister, what can I do that will be of the most benefit to them and myself at the moment.  This is the question I seek to answer. How can I be in love with life, the world, and everyone around me.
Here is where I would usually give your three or four or five ways to deal with the situation, but I’d like to hear from you.  What are you doing on your healing path?  How do you cope with these crazy times and stay sane and on your path?  What advice have you for your sisters?  If you feel called to, leave a comment below.

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