Is it time for you to start living your dreams?

It’s time to admit to a pet peeve of mine . . .
I hate it when sages, coaches and other guru types tell people to STOP dreaming, often so that they can START doing.
This implies, for me, that people who are dreaming AREN’T DOING ANYTHING!
This couldn’t be further from the truth.  
When we are dreaming we are fulfilling our highest task as humans–CREATING.
A night time dream is a creation of our unconscious mind in a space where we can be our most original–the dreamscape.  There is no material overlay to our night time dreams, so it can rain up, we can be transported from place to place in an instant, we can interact with long-dead loved ones as easily as we can those we see everyday.
But we are also creating during the daytime as we formulate our everyday lives.  Our waking dream is composed of our wishes, desires, goals, beliefs, emotions, wounds, shadows, challenges and opportunities.  We are not always aware of WHAT we re creating, but we should recognize HOW.  
Creation is a dance between the elemental forces of air, fire and water and earth–both in our lives and in the world around us.  These elements represent our thoughts, deeds, emotions and grounding in the material world.  Each of them is necessary to call in and create the life we truly desire.
In other words, making your dream come true is completely up to you.  How do you manifest, or as I like to call it WOMANifest what you want?
  • Acknowledge and enhance your power as a creative being
  • Let go of expectations of what can’t work or what cannot be
  • Open to the possibility of life going as planned or even better than expected
  • Dream as big as you want–even if that grand vision is a life of simplicity and ease
  • Explore your relationship with the elements and how to recalibrate them for greater creative ability
  • Physicalize your dreams by recording them in words, pictures, symbols or other concrete ways
  • Find a coach or other accountability partner to keep you focused and on track
So don’t stop dreaming!  We all need our beautiful visions of our world exactly the way we want it.  But we do need to examine those shadows, beliefs, desires, wounds and wishes that color the way we view our dreams.  Once we do, we begin to create from a place of greater consciousness and purpose.  
What do you want to create today?  If you need help figuring that out, click here to schedule a free consultation.

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