It’s that time again . . .

No, not HALLOWEEN.  My birthday!
Actually, they are the same day.
Here are three things I love about my birthday–
1.  It’s always a party
2.  Lots of chocolate
3.  It’s a chance to start over (you know I love to press that reset button!)
I’m going to tell you a little secret about me.  When I was a kid I used to tell everyone it was my birthday as we went Trick-or-Treating.  Why?  Extra candy!  Unfortunately, I was then, as I am now, ALLERGIC to chocolate.  As an adult, I can indulge every now and again if I desire and suffer the consequences.  But when I was a kid, my mom wasn’t having that at all.  So all my extra goodies went to my sisters. 
So why did I bother to make my birthday known for no real reward?  I guess it’s great to feel special or unique, even if it’s for the day you were born.  Whether there is some gain or not, it feels great to put yourself out there in the world to be noticed (in a good way) for what makes you, you.
Fast forward a few or forty years, and I realized that although I was a published author, a coach, a healing practitioner–and I was hiding.  I was the best kept secret in the Bronx and beyond.  Most of my clients came from referrals–which was very, very nice.  But I wasn’t going out of my way to let people know what was special about me anymore.  I wasn’t putting myself out there in the most powerful way possible.  And I realized something about myself I hadn’t appreciated before–I was afraid of failing.
Most of us, once you’ve been around the block a couple of times, have had their share of disappointments, regrets, memories that shame us, trials and tribulations (as well as triumphs) and reinventions of self a couple or three times.  We can become afraid to make mistakes, because we know we’ve got less time to heal from them–or so popular wisdom goes.  Even if you’re a youngun’ you may have gone through some serious shit in your lifetime and know you really don’t want any more.
But you know what?  If you are not prepared to make mistakes, you are not prepared to make anything of value.  I didn’t say that (well, I did say it here), I stole it from Sir Ken Robinson, an expert on creativity.  If we want to create our lives and businesses from a place of strength, heart and courage, we need to expand, rather than contract; put ourselves out there even more, rather than hide; give no f*cks, rather than give a damn what anyone else thinks.
This is how I began to turn my business around.  I decided to expand where and to whom I shared my work and to refine my healing and coaching processes in ways that everybody told me were the wrong way to go.  I am happier (and more successful) now and loving what I do and the clients I am attracting.  I am also doing more speaking
I want to ask yourself where in your life you are half-stepping, toe dipping, half-assing or otherwise selling yourself short by not showing up in your life as your most powerful, potent, magical, Goddess-y, full-grown, phantasmagoric self.  Actually make a list of five or more ways that you are hiding, deprecating, downplaying or working against all the wonderfulness that you are.  For each of these items, write three ways you can stop selling yourself and your gifts short.  Then do them.  Recognize yourself as the powerhouse that you are–even if you are not brash and extroverted.  There is such a thing as quiet power that is compelling, too.
And if there is some way that you wish to show up more visibly, magically, wonderfully in your life that I can help you with, please schedule your Createthrough Coaching session.  If you are not sure if you are ready for a Createthrough, check out my quiz.

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