Here’s what Dee’s clients and students have to say:

Lubaina ChoudhuryAbout a year or so ago I decided I wanted to learn Reiki. While perusing through the list of Reiki teachers in the NYC area, I was guided by Spirit guided to Dee. For some reason she was the only one I called, and boy am I glad I did!   Dee has been an incredible teacher and an amazing friend to me. The energies that she channels are so powerful, they can move you to tears. She is the best person I could’ve done my Reiki Mastership with and I feel blessed for her presence in my life. She is like family. Thank you Dee for everything!  

Lubaina Choudhury Reiki Master Empowered Heart


lilian abreuHi my name is Lilian Abreu.  Since I was a little girl I’ve had the ability to see spirits.  But I was so afraid of them because all my family is psychic and they were so afraid and said it was evil.  By the time I met Ms. Dee Savoy I was more afraid than ever because my gift grew stronger and I didn’t know how to control it.  All I saw was evil everywhere.  Ms. Dee showed me that there was no evil, just my guardian angels and spirit guides trying to communicate with me.   It has been a year since then and I have to say that meeting Dee was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Not only has she helped me to stop being afraid, but also to find my true self, to awaken the woman that I really am, with my own voice, dreams and desires. I’m also a fashion designer with a lot of ideas on my mind.  I used to help others designers develop their lines, but now I am helping myself through my connection with God and the Universe and my Creative Self. Thank you Ms. Dee Savoy.  You are a really true Goddess not because you helped me awaken the Goddess within me, but because that’s who you are as a human being.  I love you very much!

Lilian Abreu

A couple of months ago, I came to see Dee for an energy healing. I had no expectations, but I was hoping to get some deep healing. I really appreciated that Dee took her time for the healing and to speak with me. I like that Dee used different tools to heal me (crystals, psychic, reiki..). She really wants to help people and this world needs more healers. I did feel a deep relief after the session. I am a sensitive person and my work also involves helping others, thus I it is important for me to do this kind of work. I will see Dee again. She is a beautiful person and I recommend her. Many blessings.

Violane Lazecki

Rocio LaRosa Dee is a very kind spirit who has taught me much about myself. Her healing skills have helped me tremendously through some very difficult times. Ever so grateful to have found her!

Rocio La Rosa

I have experienced Reiki with Dee and she is wonderful. She is very calming and I feel very comfortable. Whenever I feel like I need a healing or relaxation, I call Dee, and she sees me right away. Everyone in my circle of friends has been to Dee and we all love her! Her energy is very soothing and she even made house calls!

Lauren Caputo Brooklyn, NY

Dawn Marie EschertI first met Dee in the summer of 2010 when I was looking to learn Reiki from a Master who was down-to-earth, “real” (not a phony), level-headed, spiritual, practical, and affordable (as I had been out of work for awhile after becoming ill).  I prayed to be led to the person who had all these things I was seeking.  Within a couple of days, I found Dee on the Internet.  I could tell from our initial phone call that she was the one for me.  Our first meeting was actually a Reiki treatment.  It was powerful.  I could feel the energy surge through her to me.  I felt completely enveloped in peace and healing energy.  Dee also intuitively knew where there were problems in my physical body.  I had forgotten to mention some of these to her prior to my initial treatment.  I had walked away that day healed of a back problem that had been bothering me for a few weeks.  I was hooked.  After our first meeting, I knew that Dee was the one I would feel comfortable learning Reiki from.  I knew too that it wouldn’t just be a class-learning experience.  In fact, when it took place, it was a beautiful spiritual experience.  I had heard of other students who had had Reiki Master teachers who were more concerned with “rules” and “regulations.”  Dee emphasized the person themself, even while teaching the “rules.”  Even after training was complete, Dee was available for any questions I had.  As of October of 2011, I am now a Reiki Master thanks to Dee.  As a person, as a teacher, as my Reiki Master, as a Reiki practitioner, as a spiritual leader, Dee is amazing.  I thank God and the Goddess for her.  Blessings to you and yours, Dee.

Dawn Marie Reiki Master


I’d like to take a moment to thank Dee for teaching me in first and second degree Reiki and to Spirit for guiding me to her. She is a wonderful person and teacher. I can’t wait to move forward with my Mastership with her. Her light shines through her and the work that she does. I feel very blessed to have her as my teacher. Blessing Dee.

Linda Lee, New Jersey

For many years, I been searching for a healer. I have found her. Ms. Savoy is phenomenal and exceptional. Ms. Savoy has great understanding of the spirit. Our sessions have been more than inspirational but divine. My path to transformation is guaranteed with the spiritual guidance of Ms. Savoy.                                                            

                                Nu Guirand

I highly recommend Dee. She has given me Reiki Energy, certified (taught) me Reiki Level 1 and 2, she has connected to my loved one’s.. One year ago my life was a total disaster. She has healed me in many ways and is true to her clients and students.

Rosemarie Nasta