Let’s Get Cracking: course for creatives (this means you–) is coming online!

Wouldn’t you like to access your fullest creative potential?

Find out what’s blocking you from fulfilling your creative destiny?

Reclaim parts of your self lost in the unconscious that contain the keys to your imaginal self?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I am about to launch my first ONLINE training workshop of 2015–

Cracking the Creativity Code: Unlocking the Key to You Most Creative Self

Whew, that sounds like a mouthful, but let’s face it—there’s more to creativity than just generating new ideas for our work or for our lives.  To be truly creative requires the impetus or fuel of creativity, the vision or creative perspective, and the courage to see our work through to fruition, whatever we define that to be. 

If we leave out any aspect of the formula, we have ideas without the drive to see them through or we keep spinning our wheels knowing there is a creative well inside of us that we don’t have the vision or heart to bring forth.

And the creative impulse isn’t limited only to our work.  Each of us is the co-creator of our life, as well.  If we are afraid to dare in our lives, then we will be timid in our work, and vice versa.  Freeing ourselves to create also helps us free ourselves to live.  Thus the rewards of opening ourselves to creativity are limitless. 

Check out the video below that gives you the skinny on this amazing and inspirational course, helping you to get intune with your own creative drive, purpose and vision in a deeper way than you ever have before.

I am also hosting a LIVE introductory teleclass called The Elements of Creativity to help you decide if this course is for you. Fill out the information below to register for the call.

As always, if you have questions or comments, you can reach me at thegoddessdreams@gmail.com or call me directly at 347-913-6052.

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