Tuesday, March 11, 7-9 pm
Discovery Project
104 Delancey Street, level “C”
Exchange: Early bird –$40 until March 4: $55 thereafter


medicine giftsEveryone is born with a special purpose and have special gifts to be able to fulfill their destiny. I’m sure at one point some of you have pondered “what are my gifts?”

Come join us in an intuitive workshop of manifestation as we co-create and illuminate the path you seek. The intention of the work is to open you up to your full potential as you in-tune to your higher self into its full divinity. Everyone has gifts but are you using them to serve humanity? Let’s begin by putting it all into action planting the seeds of desire into manifestation and growth by working with helpers and guides of the higher dimensions.

Each of us has the capacity for greatness, for healing, for embodying the essence of the highest masters. We seek to anchor these co-creative energies into specific channels for bringing forth your personal medicine and mission going forward. Answer the call of your highest self, your highest work and your place among the stars.

Irma StarSpirit Woman is a Medicine Woman honoring the ways of the curanderas and medicine elders, a Shamanic & Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Toltec Dreamworker, an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, Co-Founder of the New York Shamanic Healing Circle, and core member of the NY Shamanic Circle for 17 years. StarSpirit Woman uses sound healing, fire readings, crystals, and works with the “poderios”, the elemental forces we need to keep an open channel of communication. Her style is accompanied by prayer work and traditional indigenous ceremonies to heal her community with heart.

Dee Savoy comes from a powerful lineage of seers, healers, and mediums. She has always been both a strong dreamer and an adept interpreter of dreams. She picked up her first deck of Tarot cards at age 14. She has been reading ever since. As a coach, Dee helps her clients tap into their own intuition and the guidance they receive from their helper spirits to awaken their true Goddess nature. As an intuitive healer, Dee uses her knowledge of Reiki, mediumship, essential oils, sound healing, Shamanism and dreamwork to provide individualized healing experiences for her clients. In all things, Dee facilitates, but Spirit guides.