Monday Message: Blinded by the Light

lightThis Monday I reached for my Psychic Tarot deck for enlightenment–and boy did I get it.  I picked 19–Light.  In a regular Tarot deck, this card represents The Sun.  This is one of my favorite cards as it vibrates with the energy of action, heat, light, incandescence (that is the second time today I have used that word) and our ability to shine our beacon into the darkness.  

The number 19 is made up of the frequencies of the numbers 1 and 9.  Nine is the Hermit, the old man or woman on the hill whose wisdom lights the way in the darkness. The number 1 is the Magician–the alchemist of the elements of creation. The two blend together in a way that magnifies the effects of each. We now become the skillful wielder of great power with which we can illuminate our lives and the lives of those we care about.

In other words, it is our time to shine–not only because it is finally spring AND we have come out of Mercury Retrograde.  It is our time to welcome back The Sun, which also represents forward action and progress.  It is time to shed the hibernation and stuckness of Winter to take advantage of the fertility of the present season.

What are you birthing right now?  Are you treating it with love and care or fear and foreboding. No creation can thrive that is stunted through by our being afraid to really let go and let our babies soar.  

So, step out into your spotlight and do you thing!  If you’ve been holding back, let ‘er rip! 

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  1. Kim says:

    What’s the name of you deck? It’s beautiful

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