Monday Message: Calling All Toe Dippers . . .

 Are you a toe dipper?

All of us are . . . sometimes.

Don’t know what a toe dipper is?  It’s someone who stands at the water’s edge and rather than jump in or even gingerly wade in . . . they dip their toes in the water, just to test out the waters.  They have every intention of getting in, but they just have to get used to the waters first.  They wave you on, as attempt to wait for them.  “You go ahead first.  I’ll be right there, they say.  I’ll be there in my own time.”

Or maybe it’s you that is standing at the water’s edge, stuck on the sand while everyone else is partying in the waves.

We’ve all been there.  At some time or another we feel that cold hand of fear in our belly that keeps us from daring to move ahead.  I know I’ve been there.  Life has a way of knocking us sideways and squishing the wind out of us until all that’s left is to lie on the ground and assess the damage.  

When I was a kid my family used to spend summers on Martha’s Vineyard. We loved one beach in particular becasue of its fearsome waves.  Back in the day, there wasn’t even a lifeguard present.  Your biggest safety tip was ” swim at your own risk.” 

We didn’t so much swim there as jump the waves in fear, awe and adoration of what we called “the tumbleweed”–getting caught in the last part of the wave that that turned back on itself as the surf receded from the shore.  You’d get pulled under and tossed around and delivered SPLAT on the shore, probably with your face in the muck and your bathing suit askew and let’s not talk about where the sand got into.  

tumbleweedThat’s what it feels like life does to you sometimes, leaves you raw and disoriented and wondering if you’ll ever get rid of all the crap you’ve gotten into, but seriously, eventually, you’ve got to pick yourself up, adjust your bathing suit and hope the next wave doesn’t kick your ass so bad.

Let’s face it.  We all came here for the adventure.  Otherwise, what’s the point in donning the meat (incarnating) in the first place?  We come here to learn, to love, to laugh to LIVE!

That means throwing yourself into life whole hog, full bore, free and fearless, or whatever cliche bullshit expression you can think of. 

Stop standing at the shore and get in the water!

Floaties are allowed.  Swimming buddies encouraged.  Call me if you need one.


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