Monday Message: Clearing the Throat

The throat chakra is one of the most important for writers and other creative folks. The throat chakra governs communication, creativity, and self-expression–everything a growing writer needs. The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat and is linked to the thyroid, neck, ears, and teeth.  It’s color is blue; crystals that resonate with it are turquoise, agate, sapphire and sodalite (my favorite).   Scents are myrrh and chamomile.

Not surprisingly, a person with a balanced throat chakra is able to organize, accept situations as they are, communicates easily.  Someone whose throat chakra is out of whack is perfectionistic, unable to express words and emotions.  Sounds to me like when the dreaded internal editor is working overdrive.

So the next time you’re feeling writer’s block, maybe it’s your throat chakra that needs clearing.  One way to do this is to find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.  Imagine your body relaxing part by part, from the soles of your feet up to the crown of your head.  Imagine a pool of deep blue at the base of your throat (the chakra).  Is the color muddy or clear?  Does the chakra spin and if so easily or sluggishly?  Focus on the chakra until the color runs clear and spins easily.

I often find when I am clearing my chakras that I feel the urge to lie down and if I do lie down I fall asleep.  If this happens to you, pay attention to what you dream.  Often it will have to do with the issue causing the block. 

If this sounds like something you have gone through or if you have a question or need further clarification, please leave a comment below.

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