Monday Message: Connecting to the Imaginal Realm

Anyone who has heard me talk about dreamwork or creativity has heard me talk about the imaginal realm.  I’m sure many of them are asking themselves

where the heck is the imaginal realm and how do we get there?

Actually, we connect with the imaginal realm all the time –-

    • When we daydreamdaydreaming
    • When we are in that twilight state before and after sleep
    • When we journey shamanically
    • When we meditate
    • When we pray
    • When we get in that creative “zone”
    • When we make love (sometimes)

BUT . . .

The idea is to be a conscious participant in our dreamworld.  We want to be able to use our dreams as a vehicle into that other world for guidance, healing, creativity and pleasure.

womb careMany people believe you dream from the consciousness of the head.  But for me and many women, the one source of all these aspects is the WOMB.  Our sacral area is a source of intuition, creative fire, ancestors, family, passion and simply knowing. I used to sleep with a dreaming crystal under my pillow.  Now I sleep with it on my belly and I dream much stronger. 


If you want to connect with the imaginal realm, remember that the universe (yoniverse) speaks in pictures and symbols, codes and riddles and gives you the pleasure of figuring it all out.  Dreams and messages come to us on a variety of levels on multiple dimensions.


Look for the ways the yoniverse rhyme and synchronizes, then you know you are in her flow.  Like when you are thinking of a friend and she calls or you wonder if you should do something and get a fortune cookie that reads “Bold action is needed.”

Have you had any experience connecting with the imaginal realm in unusual ways? Have you received messages from the yoniverse in dreams, daydreams or intuition.  Post below to let us know.



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  1. deesavoy says:

    Thanks so much, Barbara! It means so much that you are enjoying the content here. Much love and blessings, Dee

  2. Barbara says:

    This is all so very beautiful Dee!! Ashe OneLOVE, Barbara

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