Monday Message: continuing to grow (hopefully not sideways)

lavender aromatherapyI had been looking around for an aromatherapy certification class for quite a while.  My stumbling block to biting the bullet–I couldn’t find one that was hands on, in-person, rather than over the internet.  I am a big believer in internet education–otherwise I wouldn’t be offering my new creativity class online.  But there’s something to being able to do a hands on thing in person.

I feel so grateful to have found Amy Galper of the NY Insitute of Aromatherapy.  I have to admit I am loving this class, worth every penny I paid for it. I have been doing some intuitive aromatherapy for quite some time, but I thought it was time to officially know what I’m doing.

I consider this, too, to be a creative endeavor, as deciding how and with what plant materials to address an issue requires knowledge but a certain intuitive flair for knowing what blends well together to create a synergistic effect for the intended user.

So I challenge all of you reading this to consider what your creative outlet is, are you spending any time or as much time as you would like at it, and have any of your efforts yielded anything for you in terms of product, relaxation or enjoyment.  If not, maybe its time to think of how you can incorporate a bit more creativity into your life.

It is through engaging in creative activities that we continue to grow and flourish in our lives.  Tell me what makes you creative in the comments.

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