Monday Message: Dream Shopping

shoppin santaToday is Cyber Monday, meaning folks should take to the Internets for their holiday purchases.  So I thought I would try my best to conflate two things I love–Christmas Shopping and Dreamwork.

Actually this idea started the other day when I was talking to my daughter about her dreams.  She was saying that her dreams of late weren’t as vivid as ones she’d had before.  I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could shop for dreams the way you shop for gifts.

In many ways you can.  The dream world responds to what you need and what you believe is possible to come through for you in your dreams.  Are you looking for dream guidance?  Seeking inspiration for an artistic project?  Desire a restful night of peaceul images?  Looking to connect with loved ones on the other side?  All of these are possible in the dream state.

Here are a few steps to bring in the kind of dreams you seek.

  1.  Trust that there is an intelligence to the dream world.  Dreams are not just fluff or flotsam from your ordinary reality.  The dream world is as real a location as any other place and often more illuminating, informative and helpful to our spiritual path than the so-called real world.
  2.  Dream with intention.  If you are looking for particular information, inspiration or guidance from the dream world, ask for it.  Go to sleep with your desire stated in writing, tucked under your pillow or in your hands as you fall asleep.  At the very least, repeat your dream intention in your head as you lie down.  This helps the dream world send you the type of messages you are looking for.
  3.  Record your dreams upon awakening, particularly any dreams that seem tied to your intention.  Simply writing down a dream can help you to recall more details of the dream and can serve as a reference for you if you want to revisit the dream later.
  4.  Decode your dream in terms of the intention you set for it.  If you wanted to know if it was a good idea to take a particular job and you dream of yourself working on a chain gang, you can guess this is probably not the place for you.  The thing to pay the most attention to here is the emotional content of how you feel when you wake up. Do you feel happy? disturbed? pensive? frightened? This will help you decide what message is coming through for you.
  5. Trust your intuition. Once you get an intuitive hit from a dream, quit doubting yourself or your connection with the dream world. Follow the guidance that comes through and see where it takes you. As you go along, ask for clarity or further guidance, but don’t question whether the Universe has got your back or not, because it always does. Or as one of my dream mentors, Robert Moss says—dreams aren’t on your case, they are on your side.

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