Monday Message: Getting to the Root of It

Here’s another post in the chakra series from my Reiki4writers blog:  It’s great if you’re not really sure what your chakras do.  First we focus on the ROOT chakra.  

The first chakra, the root chakra is also called the base chakra. It is located at the perineum, between the anus and the genitals. Each chakra is depicted as a lotus blossom with varying numbers of leaves.  In this case, the lotus has four leaves with the sanskrit symbol for the chakra at the center.  The base chakra governs and is governed by an individuals feelings about health and fitness, survival, security, prosperity, grounding and stability–all those very basic issues of physical existence.

The parts of the body affiliated with the base chakra are the adrenals, kidneys, skeleton and legs.  Problems in these areas suggest an imbalance in the root chakra.

Aromatherapy scents associated with the root chakra are myrrh, lavender, musk and patchouli.  Crystals (stones) associated with the chakra are hematite, onyx, garnet, ruby, and my favorite, red Jasper.

Remember that chakras are vortexes, meaning they spin, how fast or how well depends on how blocked or free your energy is in this field.  Stagnant energy/imbalance can lead to problems in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Someone with a balanced root chakra is healthy, energetic, financially secure (regardless of the amount of money they make).  Someone with an unbalanced root chakra is egotistical, greedy, overly sexual, fearful.

One other thing to note about the root chakra is that it is the home of resting kundalini.  Most folks liken kundalini (feminine energy) to a coiled snake  awaiting stimulation to rise through the chakras. Think about sexual arousal:  it starts in the groin, in the genitals and rises often into the belly (or for women, the womb).  Most times it stops there, due to either orgasm or absence of continued stimulation.  However it is possible to have the kundalini continue to rise though the physical body.  That’s the point of tantra.  Kundalini can also be stimulated through breath work, yoga, and chanting the names of the chakras in order.

That’s all for today.  Any questions?  Comments?  Have at it.

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