Monday Message: Go to your quiet place

sigeThis week I decided to pick a card from my Doreen Virtue Goddess deck, as I’d misplaced it and found it again last night. This is one of the first oracle card decks I ever purchased, though I’d been reading Tarot for quite some time.  The cards are beautiful and from time to time they’ve inspired me to come up with my own deck of Goddess cards–images of the Divine Mother that resonate with me a bit more or on a different frequency.  I felt that urge again today, which I really appreciated since I appreciate anything that stirs my creative juices.

For today, I picked the Goddess Sige, (pronounce Sig) whose basic message is Quiet Time.  Sige beckons us to

Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate, and contemplate.


This is a message that I resonate with strongly.  In many ways this has been a very difficult summer for me and most people I know.  It’s not that things have been going wrong, but many people have been experiencing a lot of loss or change or hardship in some way.  Sige offers the reminder that sometimes we need to take a moment to rest and nest or to give ourselves some time to process and integrate our experiences, particularly before starting something new.  As we are just embarking on a new moon in Virgo, this is very apt advice.  The new moon is about going inside to assess where we are now and what we want to bring in for ourselves as the moon waxes. It’s also apt, as summer vacation winds down and we find ourselves settling into fall routines of the school year.

According to Dipali Desai of the Celestial Space Astrology blog:

The New Moon in Virgo brings attention to the details and listening to one’s conscience or rather the wise voice from Soul and putting the guidance into practical application in some form. It’s like a well oiled engine, it helps the car run efficiently. The tune ups in life on any given level is essential too to help keep your being and life humming.

What do you need to tune up this fall?  What parts of you life, your love or your work are calling out for your attention?  Please share with us below if you have a particular challenge or opportunity you are working on now. 

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