Monday Message: How Fierce, Focused and Feminine are you?

If your answer is, “Eh, not much,” there’s still time to register for my AWAKEN YOUR INNER AMAZON online group coaching program designed to help you anchor the strength, vitality and clarity of the Amazons into your energy field.  BUT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY, SO ACT QUICKLY!


This program is for you if you feel:

    • fazed by a new phase of your life
    • mired in place but don’t know how to move forward
    • unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your status quo
    • like it’s time to really get what you want out of your life, your love and your work


Each month, we will connect with a different element on all levels–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  For each spiral you will receive:

⇒  printable text and worksheets to help you connect with the elemental forces both inside and outside yourself.

⇒  15-20 minute video outlining the practices to be worked on for the month.

⇒  a healing call to deepen the experience and make sure you are on track for the month

⇒  goal-setting and goal-maintenance guidance

If this is starsting to sound really good to you, CLICK HERE for more info. Payment options are availible if you contact me directly at 347-913-6052.

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