Monday Message: Restore and Replenish

restore and replenish

This Monday I turn to the Sacred Rebels Oracle.  This is an important and transformative deck, as it speaks to living a more authentic life.  This is our healing process–breaking out of the grip of “the matrix” the dream of the planet that keeps us mired in the mundane rather than the callings of our own soul.  We need to be rebels–with a cause–and that cause is our personal mission.

The card I picked for today transmits a strong message for me, too:  RESTORE AND REPLENISH. This weekend I was at an outstanding event here in the Bronx and I am still recovering from the high level of energy that existed at the event.  I even ended up bellydancing in circle with other terrific women.  Between getting ready for the event, being at the event and unpacking from the event, I am TIRED!  But this shouldn’t surprise me, as the energy we are facing right now is one of recuperation.

Think about it this way–currently Jupiter and Saturn, along with Mercury, are in retrograde right now.  These planets represent prosperity, practicality and communication respectively. When planets  go into retrograde their natural effects can be reversed or complicated in some way.  So if you find all your plans going to pot or communication being off chalk it up to the energy we are in right now.  Better to spend our time relaxing, rejuvenating, introspection planning and releasing.  

Being in tune with the Goddess means honoring natural cycles of rest, creation, and planning.  Here are a few things you can do to honor natural cycles and your own body wisdom.

  1.  Go to your womb and ask how you should be spending your time at the moment.  You can do this by placing your hands on your lower belly with the intention of connecting with your womb. Give yourself gentle womb massage using avocado or olive oil or womb massage oil to stimulate womb energy.
  2. Take a soothing salt bath with lavender, rose, orange and/or ylang ylang essential oils to call in the energy of the Goddess. Using salt in the bath helps clear energy.  You can also bathe with dried herbs, as well.
  3.  Write in your journal.  Over time, patterns and cycles may emerge in what you are thinking about, feeling or knowing at different times of the month or year.  Getting to know yourself is part of your life’s work that doesn’t end until you do.
  4. Sleep, nestle and cocoon.  Give your body and your spirit the rest they need to restore themselves.  Slow down and recuperate.  Get as lazy as you can.  See what thoughts, feelings, moods, body wisdoms come up for you now.  Most of all, relax.

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  1. Tee says:

    Very insightful examples of purposeful intentions of fully rest, recuperation, & restoration

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