Monday Message: Sacred Space for Writers and Other Creative Humans

Here’s another entry culled from my Reiki4Writers Blog.  After I gave my Writer’s Party last Friday, lots of folks wanted to know more about carving out a writing space for themselves.  Here’s the answer I gave. . .

Thanks to Phylameana’s post on, I started thinking about Sacred Space and how we as creative people can incorporate this idea into our writing lives.  I have always been lucky to have a corner or a room and now I have almost an entire floor in my home dedicated to both reiki and writing.  My family has always know the rules for this space:  unless the house is on fire or someone is bleeding to death or someone is actively breaking into the house at the moment, Mom is not to be disturbed.

Of course this is an exaggeration, but the important factor to consider is that it is okay to stake out a bit of territory for our work–even if you are not published yet.  If writing is not a hobby for you, then those you live with should treat your endeavor as seriously as you do.  You should be able to set the rules for how and by whom your space is used.

Now I know many folks write at the kitchen table after kids go to sleep, or sitting up in bed either before or after sleep, or in other ways that don’t seem to lend themselves to kind of situation I’ve described so far.  Bear with me though, because this “space” has more to do with intention and focus than the actual physicality.  Your “space” may simply be a time when others leave you undisturbed so that you can work. 

my mini cauldron for smudging

But what makes the space sacred?  The first step is to declutter and clean the area you want to claim.  Sweep, vacuum, wipe down, or whatever it takes to make the space physically clean.  Then clear it energetically by smudging, burning incense or sprinkling with a saltwater solution (I use kosher salt) or any other means that appeals to you.  For lifting energy I have a minicauldron in which I burn sage to smudge away negative energy then burn rose petals and dried lavender to increase positive energy flow.

The next step is to bring in those articles that boost your creativity.  Are there any stones, images, scents, sayings, whatever that spur you to be more productive or focused in your writing?  Do you write on a laptop, tablet, longhand?  Include your favorite writing tools in your area.  When you have all this together, it is time to dedicate your area.

If you like, you can light a white or blue candle.  Take a few moments to sit with your feet on the floor.  Your hands can either be in a prayer pose, on your lap or however you feel comfortable.  As you inhale, imagine that there is a ball of brilliant white light at your heart center.  As you exhale, imagine the light expanding, bigger and bigger with each exhalation, until you are cocooned in this heart light.

At this time you can ask for your guides, your deity, your muse or whomever you feel helps you on a spiritual level while you write.  Ask for guidance, inspiration, love, patience, stamina or whatever you need to aid you in your writing.  (Note that this is not the time to worry about financial rewards or success in anything other than the actual writing work.)  Intend that your writing space–whether it be a permanent space in your home, a box you pack up at night, or your side of the bed, be kept sacrosanct for your writing purposes while you  are working.   

For those who have Reiki, you can charge any of your articles or your own creativity by hands on treatment.  For those with Reiki II and above, you can charge any of your articles with the power symbol and the harmony symbol (mental/emotional) to keep energy flowing in your space.

Here’s a sample of what you might say:

Dear ________________________  (insert name of whomever you are asking to help dedicate this space

I ask your help in dedicating this space to my writing. Please guide me and help me as I complete this work.  Grant me the patience (perseverence, inspiration, time whatever) to do my best work for the highest good of all.

And so it is (or Amen or the closing of your choice) 

Of course, this is just an example.  You may use these words or say something else entirely.  Once your are finished with your dedication.  Imagine that cocoon of light around you contracting  in, being sucked into your throat chakra (which houses the energy of communication).  Imagine the energy circling at the base of your throat, gradually turning a light blue color.  (Alternately, you can imagine the energy around you being sucked into your sacral chakra [that governs creativity]  located just under your belly button and visualizing the energy turning a vibrant orange color.

If you lit a candle at the beginning of your ceremony, you can extinguish it now. Take a moment to journal about your experience as your first bit of writing in your space.    

Please note that you don’t need a physical space to invite your guides, your muse or your deity to aid you.  You can call on them at any time to help you and stand guard on your inner space as well as the space around you.

Thinking of giving this a try?  Let me know how it works for you.

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