Monday Message: Taking it back to the energy basics

The more I find myself returning to my writing roots, the more I realize that many creative people out there have no idea what parts of their energy bodies lend themselves toward creativity or (in rare cases) that they have an energy body at all.

This distresses me greatly, since learning how your natural energy works is key to getting into the flow of your own internal imaginal and vibrational processes.  In other words, each of us have inherent cycles of creativity that can be tapped into for inspiration, productivity and, yes, creative flow.

I have also returned to my former blog, Reiki4Writers to cull a bit of information about the energy body that is useful to all creative folks, not just writers.  Interestingly enough I found myself seriously revising this information as my own wisdom about the energy field has expanded and developed over time.  So here goes–

When we talk about reiki, when we talk about life, we are talking about energy.  This kind of energy is called ki, chi, prana, sekhem and other names in other cultures.  If you are a Star Wars buff, you make think of it as ” the force,” that runs through and connects everything on the planet.

your energy bodyWhatever you call it, each of us humans has an energy body as well as a physical body.  We modern day folks think of this as the aura, but from ancient times most cultures knew of this energy body and had some way of defining the various energy vortexes (chakras) in the body.  For the sake of clarity and my own personal preference we’ll work with the Eastern chakra system, since it is also the one most people are most familiar with.


This system describes  seven vortexes seated in the sushunma, a sort of energy spine that runs up the body.  The seven chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  Each chakra is related to a color, a sound, an organ in the body and a life issue.  The chart below outlines these:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.22.30 AMThere are, of course, other chakras as well. The palm chakras are activated during a reiki attunement. There are chakras in the soles of the feet as well. There are chakras below our feet that connect us with Mother Earth, as well as chakras above our heads that connect us with the Divine.

Our chakras also have a front and a back, as well.  Here is where I differ from eastern chakras system and venture into womb shamanism.  For a womb shaman, the back of the body represents the feminine domain of the chakras, while the front of the body is the masculine side.  For example, the feminine side of the third eye chakra is know as the Mouth of Goddess chakra that resides  at the nape of your neck.  You feel its activation as the hairs on the back of your neck standing up or as guidance whispered in your ear; the solar plexus connects with the feminine lunar plexus.  The root chakra becomes the feminine crown, a profound connection with the Divine Feminine energies of Mother Earth.

 If all this sounds a little much to take in, don’t worry.  I will be devoting the next seven posts to explaining each of these chakras.  Then I will discuss how you can clear your chakras and also how you can use chakras to aid in developing your characters (now you know what this has to do with writing).  Hope you’ll stick around for the whole series.  As my grandmother used to say–you might learn something.


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