Monday Message: The Eyes Have It

We are now at the penultimate chakra, the brow or third eye chakra, that, not surprisingly, can be found between the physical eyes on the brow bone. This chakra is indigo in color and governs issues of intuition, imagination, dreaming and wisdom.

Opening and expanding the third eye is a pursuit that leads to greater psychic abilities and a deeper connection with the divine. Crystals that aid with brow chakra work are lapis lazuli, azurite and especially amethyst. Hyacinth and violet are two scents associated with this chakra. The brow chakra’s element is that of light energy.

A person with a balanced third eye chakra has a healthy sense of ego, prescience, ability to learn and think creatively. Someone with an unbalanced third eye chakra can be short-sighted and prone to nightmares and learning difficulties.

One thing many people don’t realize about the chakras in general and this chakra in particular is that our chakras have both a masculine and feminine side to them.  The front of the body represents the masculine (solar) dimension and the back of the body represents the feminine (lunar) aspect.  Thus, the feminine aspect of the solar plexus (ego) becomes the lunar plexus (shadow) in our energy field.  

The feminine aspect of our third eye is the Mouth of Goddess chakra at the base of our skulls.  It is said that all intuitive information enters the body here first and goes to wherever in the energy field it will be best received.  Often times we experience the activation of this center as a whisper in the ear, the hair on the back of our necks standing up or that little chill we get that confirms our own wisdom.

When both masculine and feminine third eye are open and activated, we can become a psychic or intuitive dynamo, fully utilizing the soul vision center of the pineal gland at the center of our brain.  I recommend meditating while lying down with an amethyst crystal at the base of the skull and one resting between the brows to help activate both aspects of the third eye.

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