Monday Message: (though officially it is Tuesday) To Hummus or not to Hummus

I have a confession to make.

Yesterday morning when I got up I had absolutely no idea what to write for today’s message. Usually, I go to sleep Sunday night with the post all written and scheduled for publication. But this Sunday, after a long drive to Connecticut and back, I was wiped.

So the next morning I expected a flash of brilliant inspiration. You see, I like to keep these messages very much in the NOW. Unlike my videos and other content, I don’t schedule–I want to be in the flow of the Feminine and accept what comes. Only Monday morning, nothing came. Nothing came in the afternoon or the evening either. I was almost ready to get out one of my many card decks and see what the Tarot had to say to us, but for some reason that felt like forcing things rather than allowing something to emerge.

sabra rrp hummusWell, inspiration finally hit in the form of a tub of hummus. I got home from babysitting for my sister feeling ravenous. I would have raided her refrigerator, except she’s got this crazy Wheaton terrier that likes me a bit too much (she likes everyone too much) so I avoided her home in the kitchen. When I got home, I was really looking forward to some hummus and chips. I reached into the fridge to take out my beloved red pepper Sabra hummus–only to discover I’d bought spinach and artichoke flavor instead.  I love spinach, but artichoke???

Are you kidding me?

spinach and artichoke

How did that happen?  I must have picked up the wrong one by mistake. {Expletives deleted for the sake of the audience}. WTH!

But it reminds me that often times when we get something we weren’t really hoping for, it is easy to be disappointed or frustrated. We want a particular job or we have certain ideas of how our mate or children or friends should behave toward us or we desire some aspect of our life to go in a particular way–and things don’t fall into place as we’d like–it’s easy to question, why is this happening to me? This supposes that life or the Universe or the gods are acting against you, depriving you of what you want capriciously.

A better question to ask ourselves is, what is the Universe trying to communicate to me or teach me? If you believe as I do that everything happens for a reason, it’s no accident when we make a wrong turn or pick up an unintended item or digress from the path we think we want to follow. So I was forced to wonder, what the hell was the Universe trying to tell me by giving me artichoke instead of red pepper?

I don’t know whether to be glad about this or not, but when I gave my unintended purchase a try . . . it was really good! I was shocked. Don’t tell nobody, but I ate almost half the tub.  And in my gastronomical delight I recognized a familiar lesson from the Divine Mother about being flexible and accepting of what comes my way, to give things a try before deciding I don’t want them. Toe-dipping might be outre, but chip dipping–that’s all right.

And one more thing–lighten up. Life is supposed to be lived in joy and high energy and good humor. Hardships and hard times may come. We may need to delve into our shadows to come out the other side, but we always come back to the light if we choose to. I could get all platitudey here, but I’ll conclude by saying that its all about perspective and choice sometimes.

I choose to eat some more hummus.

How about you–have you had an experience where you got something unexpected that turned out to be really good for you (or at least taught you a valuable lesson)?  If so post below.  I love to hear from you.

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