Monday Message: Tough Times Never Last

volcano volatilityIn honor of the Mother’s Day that just was, I decided to pick a card from my Earth Magic deck.  These are oracle cards put out by Stephen Farmer that correspond with various aspects of Mother Earth.  The card that stepped forward today is VOLCANO.  In this deck, Volcano equals volatility!

Volatility, described as the tendency to “change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.”  When you think of the action of a volcano, volatility is an apt description.  Volcanos are basically mountains that flip their lid, allowing lava, volcanic ash and gases to spew from a magma chamber beneath the Earth.  We never know when a volcano will erupt, the path that its lava may take or how much damage it will do.  In 1995, Monserrat’s dormant volcano erupted, making two-thirds of the island nation’s land uninhabitable for years!

There’s no doubt that the world itself seems to be in a turbulent time.  Almost daily the news is filled with chaotic world events, stress and turmoil in countries across the globe, not to mention strife in our individual lives.  It may seem like every time you turn around something bad or even worse is around the corner.

It can be difficult living in turbulent times and still maintain your grip on who you are.  It can be easy to become discouraged or “negative” or lose your grip on your mission.  But this is a time when we need to hold tight to one another and hold fast to our ideals. This too shall pass.  Even as we grapple with our own struggles, we know that nothing lasts forever.  That kind of volatility–the tendency to change for the better also exists.

Remember, too, the story of Pele, the most famous Volcano diety. This Goddess might be unpredictable, quick to anger or upset. However, she is also know as “She Who Shapes the Sacred Land,” because once the lava cools, new, highly fertile ground is created. Beauty rises from the ashes and new life is born.

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