Monday Message: What the Universe has in store for you

This Monday, I wanted to share with you a message from Spirit. As I have moved out of my Bronx office, I have found many items I thought I lost or misplaced. One of those items is my Psychic Tarot deck. I have done fewer and fewer readings as time went on–in part because I’d gotten more involved in other aspects of my business.

But readings do have their place and I feel many can benefit from knowing what the energy around us is signaling at a particular time. Anyway, here’s my first reading in a long time from the aforementioned John Holland Psychic Tarot deck.

As I began to shuffle the cards, one fell out almost right away. This card was 21–The Universe.

the universeThis is the highest and best card in the Major Arcana in the sense that it represents coming to the pinnacle of what you have been trying to achieve. In other decks, this card would represent The World–creating the life of your dreams, whatever that means for you. For me, this card is a confirmation for a decision I made last night about my work, my business and my life. It tells me I have hit on that ideal formula for creating my dream life!!

mama earthThis card’s appearance may also have to do with the full moon tomorrow night.  The full moon represents reaching the peak of fruition. The fullness of the moon can represent the ripeness of a woman about to give birth.  Creative power is creative power–whether we are talking about fertility, productivity, reproduction, or any other kind of creative fulfillment.  


What are you brining to fruition in your life right now?  What is it that means the world (the Universe) to you and what are you doing to cultivate it in your life.  What possibilities are you “pregnant” with right now?  What are you doing to nurture these opportunities and possibilities in your life?

If you’re not sure in which direction you should be heading, check out this meditation recorded during a life seminar on the Goddess to tune into Goddess guidance and your own intuition.

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