Monday Message: Womb (Hara) Healing

Here’s the next installment in the chakra series taken from my Reiki4Writers blog. This time we check in with the sacral chakra. For women, this can be the chakra that hold the most power-filled for us. Even for men, this is the chakra of potency and, as many believe, the place where all our souls are seated. It is also one of the most powerful sources of intuition and knowing.


second chakraLet’s turn our attention to the second chakra, often called the sacral or creative chakra.  It sits in the abdomen, about midway between the navel and the pubic bone and is associated with the color orange.  This chakra is related to the reproductive organs, hence the concern with sexuality and creativity (as in the creation of life).  Here we are no longer concerned merely with issues of survival, but also more advanced concerns of sexuality, nurturance and emotion.

The bodily organs associated with the  sacral chakra are the gonads, bladder, prostate and womb.  Crystals associated with this chakra are carnelian, golden topaz and others.  Aromatherapy scents are jasmine and sandalwood.

Someone with a balanced second chakra has a strong sex drive, is energetic,  and able to express power constructively. An unbalanced second chakra can lead to feelings of isolation and a lack of joy in life.

Keep in mind that when we talk about the chakras being balanced, your energy can be blocked temporarily due to a  sudden life event, be blocked for a time during a trying period or it can be a habitual pattern.  For example, if you are going through a divorce, this chakra may be out of whack for a time since your emotions, your sense of connection/isolation and probably your sexuality are involved–but you recover.  However, if you are chronically shy, inhibited, or joyless, the blockage in your chakra is more profound. 

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