Monday Message: You already have all you need

sednaReturning to the structure I started when I began this blog, I want to provide you, my dear readers, with a bit of guidance for the week each Monday.  I picked a card from my Doreen Virtue Goddess card deck and got Sedna, the Inuit Sea Goddess.  Sedna is often seen as a Crone goddess, even though her story starts when she is a maiden.  Sedna lost her limbs, which became the whales, seals and various other sea creatures that populated the Alaskan waters.

Sedna reminds us that we have all we need right at our fingertips, often without realizing it. She implores us to give up our lack mentality and realize there is enough for everyone to be provided for.  She invites us to spend time in the waters or perhaps to bathe in salt water as a means of purifying our intent and our energy field.  

Another meaning of this card can be to swim with the dolphins.  This is particularly significant to me as I just decided yesterday that I want to womanifest a trip to Hawaii in May to be part of a spiritual retreat given by a woman I admire.  I am taking this as a message to myself that I WILL have the abundance I need to book a flight.  Thank you, Divine Mother!

So, what is it you are trying to womanifest in your life at the moment?  Do you trust the Universe to provide or do you feel that you have to DO something to bring about abundance?  Are you open to receiving and feel worthy of all the Universe has to offer?  Examine your thoughts, emotions and knowings about your sense of abundance.  What do you need to release in order to free yourself to receive?


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