Oops! I (didn’t) do it again!

I noticed it two days ago.

Joy JarI hadn’t anything to my Joy Jar in a few days.  I’d made myself a promise to add something every day, but my Jar wasn’t getting any fuller, because I’d gotten distracted by problems with my boiler (as much money as I have spent on it lately, it should be ready to graduate from college). But whatever the reason, I just didn’t do what I claimed I was going to do to help make 2016 my breakout year.

You may be in the same position right now–

Maybe you made a few resolutions you weren’t so resolute about . . .

Maybe you intended to fulfill your intentions . . .

Maybe you planned to fulfill your plans . . .

But for whatever reason, your breakthrough became a breakdown.

Don’t worry.  Even if you haven’t found fulfillment in fulfilling your goals. Don’t sweat it.  Here are five steps to get yourself back on track for the year.

1. Take a few deep breaths. Relax. Recognize that not sticking to your new year’s resolutions or intentions or visions or whatever you have called them is not the end of the world, the indication that you are slipping into old habits, a sign of the apocalypse or any other catastrophic event you can think of. You simply didn’t live up to the expectations you set for yourself. That’s it.

2. Quit beating yourself up about it. Instead of squandering your psychic, energetic and intellectual powers berating yourself, pick yourself up and rededicate yourself to your goals. There’s no point in crying over missed opportunities, however, if you still desire the same things, go after them with more focus and enthusiasm than before.

3.  Examine why you haven’t lived up to the promises you have made to yourself. Is it simple procrastination or fear of failure (or success) or some other issue you haven’t dealt with? Are you too cautious when a more all in approach is needed? Are you slipping into old patterns that you thought you had released? Knowing the “why” of things can often lead to more self-awareness and greater success.

4. Recognize that failure IS an option. What you thought you wanted at the beginning of the year may not be what you realize you need now. It’s okay to change your mind or admit you may have bitten off more than you can comfortably chew. Re-evaluate your goals and see if they still fit where you want to go.

5.  Rededicate 2016 as your Breakout Year. Okay, maybe you didn’t start out on the best footing, but every course is self-correcting. There are still a little less than 11 months in the year. Relax, you’ll get there.

If you need any more help getting on or keeping yourself on track, give me a call at 347-913-6052.



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