Opportunity is knocking. Are you answering?

One of my intentions in 2016 is to be more consistent with the messages I bring forward for you.  I love to visit Oracle card decks for their wisdom as they tend to be more straightforward than Tarot cards (or maybe its only me that gets carried away exploring symbolism) yet still speak to us on multiple levels and dimensions.

yemayaToday I returned to my handy dandy deck of Doreen Virtue Goddess Oracle Cards and picked one of my favorite Goddesses, Yemaya (or Yemanya).  Yemaya is both a mother goddess and a goddess of the deep waters.  Being a water sign and a mom, I really gravitate toward her energy.  She is the bringer of gifts and her vibration can be both gentle and firm.  She is considered to be an iteration of the goddess Isis, as this goddesses fame spread from Egypt, deeper into Africa and then traveled West to the New World.

In Doreen Virtue’s deck, Yemaya represents Golden Opportunity, the embodiment of the giving matriarch who knows all needs and supplies what is desired–but to a point.  Yemaya offers, but you have to be bold enough to understand what she brings to you.  You have to be willing to receive what is offered–all the while realizing that nothing comes for free.  If you accept her gifts, you must also accept her challenges, her trials, her lessons, her blessings, her proddings, and mostly her love.  If she offers, you are worthy.  And she expects you to act like you know it.  And be accountable for it, too.

When this energy comes forward for us, we have to ask ourselves:  

In what ways have I been ignoring opportunities open to me, or deliberately sidestepping them so as not to upset my status quo?  Or, am I finally ready to accept opportunities that are open to me with confidence and enthusiasm?  Or maybe its time to seek out greater opportunities that are around me, waiting for me to take action?  

However you ask yourself the question, what you truly want to know is —what do I really need to do to move forward at this time?

Let’s face it.  It can be pretty scary starting on something new when you are not quite sure how things will turn out.  Many times we feel alone in our endeavors, and we’re not sure whether what we are doing is really moving us in the direction that we want to go.  And where is that tough-love mama to keep us on track to cheer us on and help us continue to discover who, at our most authentic, we really are?

This is the basis of my 6-month personal coaching program, Unstuck and Unstoppable.  Isn’t that what we all really crave to be–free to pursue our dreams, without getting mired down in fear, self-doubt, worry or even our own genetic, epigenetic or lived wounds?  No matter how successful or high powered we are, we can sometimes find ourselves ensnared in traps of our own making or reaching plateaus with no clear vision how to move forward. That’s when we need help envisioning a new way and choosing our next steps.  

Unstuck and Unstoppable is an individualized program that supports you in whatever ways you need to create the life, the love and the work of your dreams.

I vow to be with you every step of the way the full six months, supporting you as you actualize those goals calling to you right now. Some issues we may work on together include: 

  • clearing mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages that keep you stuck
  • setting goals in accordance with life mission and soul purpose
  • bringing creative projects to fruition
  • connecting with intuition, archetypes, dreams, and other forms of guidance
  • learning to say NO! and mean it (and not feel guilty saying it)
  • WOMANifesting dreams and desires
  • releasing, fear, doubt and shame, limiting beliefs or habits
  • exploring womb grief, womb trauma and ancestral, epigenetic and lived wounds
  • any other issues that come up for healing and transformation

Remember, unlike my group programs that follow a prescribed format for everyone, this 6-month program is created specifically for you, based on Womb Wisdom principles and the many coaching and healing modalities I have studied over the past fourteen years.  

Each month we will share two coaching calls catering to your specific need. And of course, having been a teacher for many years, you’ll have enough “homework” to keep you busy between calls.  You will also have unlimited email access to me throughout the month.  

This program is usually $1995. but for the next two weeks, you can save more than 50% and pay only $997. As my schedule is jam-packed, I only have room for a few good women to join me on this personal and transformative journey.  I am capping the number at only 10. That seems to be my magic number for this year.  If you’d like to be one of those 10, take the first step toward becoming unstuck NOW!  

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if you are finally ready to create the life, the love and the work of your dreams.  You’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

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