Dee teaches Usui/Holy Fire III and Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki in-person certification classes. Dee believes the most important factor in learning Reiki is direct and fearless contact with Spirit.  Dee facilitates; Spirit guides.  Topics included in each level of instruction include: knowing (and expanding knowledge of) the energy body, self-care, Shamanic principles, meeting Reiki guides, specially channeled symbols, shadow self integration, crystals, and meditation.

She would love to have you as a student even if you have studied with another teacher before.  Scheduled classes are held in our offices in the Northeast Bronx.  For more information, please call 646-355-7934. Or if you have a group of five or more, Dee can arrange personalized classes at your location. Please call to discuss time and location.

Class Schedule

August 3:  Reiki I August 4:  Reiki II

Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master™— TBD Call to schedule a private or group class

Registering for class


To register for any class, please fill out the class registration form.  A 50% deposit is required to hold your place in class.  The remainder is due one week before the start of class.  No refunds will be given for missed classes, unless class is cancelled by me.  Any deposit not used in class can be applied to coaching/healing or can be held for a later class.

Classes offered:
Reiki I:  Reiki for Self                         $150.

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Reiki I placement opens up the channel for reiki energy to flow through the practitioner.   This class covers the history and development of reiki, what reiki is and is not, how to give reiki to yourself and others and other topics.    The emphasis in this course is on self-healing, but Reiki I practitioners are able to work on others as well.   Course fees include a manual, certificate and ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one day course.  There is no prerequisite for Reiki I.
Reiki II:  Reiki for Others                   $200.

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Reiki II placement further opens the channel to hold reiki energy for the treatment of the practitioner and others.  Three symbols are introduced that can strengthen the reiki energy, balance thoughts and emotions and send reiki through time, distance and dimension.  Though the emphasis in this class is on treating others, advanced techniques for self care are also taught.  Course fees include a manual and ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one day course.  Reiki I is the prerequisite for Reiki II.
If you plan to take Reiki I and Reiki II during the same weekend, you can save $50. by paying in full.
Reiki Master Teacher:  Mystery teaching      $666
*** I no longer separate Reiki Master into two classes.  I believe anyone who wishes to advance beyond Reiki II needs to take on the responsibility to teach Reiki.  I have to admit I get a “devilish” kick out of charging this particular amount for the course. Because there is such a commitment, I offer a long-term payment plan to help make the class fit into the budget and a discount if paying in full.
Payment Plan                                          Pay in Full
The Reiki Master ignition increases both the amount of Reiki energy the practitioner can hold and the commitment of the practitioner to Reiki as a spiritual path.  Reiki mastership often provides an awakening to a greater calling toward one’s life purpose and should be undertaken with seriousness.   Emphasis in this course is on dedication to service to spirit.  The master symbol is introduced.
In addition, you will learn how to pass placements and ignitions in the tradition of Holy Fire III Reiki.  Other topics include how to arrange classes, find students, operate your Reiki practice more efficiently, and more.  
Karuna Reiki™:  Unconditional Compassion                             $777
Karuna brings in the compassionate energy of Kwan Yin. an aspect of the Divine Feminine.  Three levels (practitioner I, Practitioner II and Master) are taught.  Each level utilizes 4 symbols for a total of 12 in all.  This is a very powerful attunement, available to Reiki Masters only.   A manual as well as additional hand-outs are supplied.  A light meal is provided each day.   This is a three day class. Please call 646-355-7934 for class schedule and other requirements.