Welcome beautiful Goddesses, Sisters, Creatrixes and Dreamers–

meMy name is Dee Savoy and this is my internet home. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why you should want to work with me as you are working on yourself. I am an author, educator, healer, coach, mom, and a woman who has had her share of createthroughs.

A createthrough is my word for when life hands you a situation that you can’t get over, around or under.  All you can do is find a way through–either by recreating yourself, your beliefs, your work, your life.   Createthroughs (or creative breakthroughs) are fabulous opportunities, that often come under the guise of troubles, hardship, or loss. They are an invitation to let go of all that doesn’t serve and take a new path of enlightenment, to follow your true calling, to live your grandest dream.  


 super babyAlthough it’s no state secret, most people don’t know that I was born dead.  I was given an APGAR score of zero in the delivery room and had last rights administered before I was an hour old.  Somehow I was revived and although my prognosis wasn’t good (the doctor told my mother I’d probably die at night–way to go Dr. Kildare!) I managed to survive being born with the umbilical cord tangled around my neck.  The doctors called it a miracle; my parents called it stubborn.  I refer to it as a certain degree of stick-to-it-iveness born out of knowing I have a purpose on this side of the veil.  I’ve always believed I have a mission to help others, particularly women, cope with and overcome the obstacles and barriers to happy and fulfilling lives.

Truth be told, we are all on a mission, whether we acknowledge it or not.  We are all here with a grand purpose to be fulfilled, even if we have not yet claimed it as our own. NOW is always the time to look within to hear the call of our hearts and create the life, the love, the work we truly desire.


gay head, martha's vineyardWhen I was nine my family went to Martha’s Vineyard on vacation.  We kids were standing on the beach looking up at the beautiful cliffs which were at that time covered in multi-color clay.  Some one of us dared, “let’s climb to the top.”  Being unable to resist a dare, I said, “Sure,” and began to climb.  By the time it occurred to me to check if anyone was behind me, I was half-way up and everyone else was way, way below. I made it to the top, triumphant, fists outstretched to the sky, looking like I’d taken a swim in a play-dough factory.   Unbeknownst to me, I’d nearly given my mom a heart attack as she watched her middle child, hoping she wouldn’t fall and splatter her butt in the waters below.

There have been times, of course, in my life, where that dauntless courage has failed me.  Let’s face it, grown-up challenges don’t always have a ready answer or an easy moment when you can stand triumphant at the top of the hill.  But I honestly believe that such bravery is the only way to lead a satisfying, fulfilling life.  We may fail, we may fall, but we pick ourselves up and keep going.  Each and every day can be a struggle to screw your courage to the sticking place, but it is the only way to live a life where we constantly enrich ourselves rather than diminish ourselves.


shamammaI recently took a dance class exploring feminine archetypes in which I was asked to perform a dance transmission (dance with the intent to help heal self and others) and I must admit I was really swept up by the emotion and vibration of the music as I danced.  Afterward, the woman leading the workshop (thank you Maryanne) meant to praise me by saying I looked like an ancient Shamanista.  What came out was Shamamma.  The moment I heard that word, I knew that was exactly what I am–a nurturer, a mom at heart, a Goddess of the Earth.  My role is to teach, by word and example, to shine a light in the darkness for others to follow.

I will tell you one more story about myself–for many years I wanted to be a writer.  I even started writing my first book when I was sixteen.  It was during another family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard where the beauty of the island had me dreaming of romance.  Every so often I would pick up my masterpiece and spellbounddo some work on it, then I’d stick it in a drawer to be forgotten about for a couple of years.  It wasn’t until 20 years after I’d written my first word that I summoned the courage to actually send it out to an agent and a publisher for review.  It was immediately accepted by the first agent who read it and eventually by the only publisher I sent it to.  My first novel, Spellbound, was published in 1999.

Your takeaway from this–don’t wait twenty years to discover and follow through on what your heart is telling you.  As I said before, NOW is always the time to create your life, your love, your work, in whatever way most suits the call of your soul.

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